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Donations Needed to Support in 2024

by Aaron Brown


Donations can be made to No Limit Water Polo. If you are interested in helping out or have questions, you can contact me by e-mail at, by phone at (847) 331-6520, or by sending mail to:


Aaron Brown


4244 E 2551st Rd

Sheridan, IL 60551






What has started as a small web site for Illinois High School water polo has turned into an unbelievable resource. During the high school water polo season in 2023, the site achieved over one million page views for the tenth straight year as visitors were eager to check scores, read stories, check rankings, and find out anything else they could about what is going on with high school water polo in Illinois.


With that being said, I need your help! My mission is to ensure that the sport gets the proper coverage that these boys and girls deserve, starting with this web site and hopefully moving towards the newspapers. I will do everything I can to make this happen, but if I could get some assistance I would be greatly appreciative.


As I sat watching the championship game at the Fenwick Tournament between Fenwick and Brother Rice several years ago, I couldn't help but feel that it was just as exciting as any high school basketball game that was being played that weekend. Yet when I checked the newspapers the next day, I saw a half dozen articles covering basketball and not even a mention of what happened on that Saturday night at Fenwick. The scores were listed in the daily scoreboard and that was it.


If we are to continue to see this sport sustain the positive momentum it has gained in the past few years and continue to grow, then we need to get the maximum exposure for our players and teams. That is the main purpose of this reward the players and coaches for all of their dedication and effort. Why should I sit around and hope that the newspapers pick up a story when I can take a more proactive approach and simply convince them to print information about water polo?


The problem is, maintaining this web site has become a full-time job. Start editing, writing, and making changes around 7:00am, plan what games to attend and travel to one or two games at different facilities and report on games and take notes. Rush home to check messages, emails, and instant messages for scores and updates. Start updating the scores, records, and rankings while writing a few stories into the night, usually until 2:00am. Contacting athletic departments for scores from previous days the following morning. Sending and receiving nearly one-hundred e-mails per day on average. Driving across the area from Stevenson to Fenwick on Friday night, then spending 12 hours at a tournament taking notes the next day. And I love every minute of it! But I don't know how long I can keep this pace up...the cost of web hosting, wireless Internet, domains, travel expenses, gas, and the time spent volunteering can be very difficult when all is said and done.


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