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 3/07 Stevenson vs McAuley  GIRLS

 3/16 Illpolo Recap Show 1  BOYS/GIRLS

 3/17 Fenwick Tournament  BOYS

 3/18 Saturday: The Movie  BOYS

 3/20 Illpolo Recap Show 2  GIRLS

 3/20 Loyola vs New Trier  BOYS

 3/21 Fremd vs BG GIRLS

 3/22 St Patrick at Fenwick BOYS

 3/25 Fenwick Tournament Vol. I | Vol. II  GIRLS

 3/27 Fenwick 20 Ignatius 4  BOYS

 3/29 Fenwick Girls Water Polo  GIRLS

 4/01 Sandburg at Loyola  GIRLS

 4/01 Hinsdale South vs Richards  GIRLS

 4/01 Lincoln-Way East vs Lincoln-Way Central  GIRLS

 4/03 Rolling Meadows at Prospect/Wheeling  GIRLS

 4/03 Brother Rice at Loyola  BOYS

 4/04 Prospect/Wheeling at New Trier  GIRLS

 4/04 Conant at Fremd  BOYS

 4/05 Latin at Naperville Central  GIRLS

 4/05 Latin at Naperville Central  BOYS

 4/08 St Ignatius Tournament  GIRLS

 4/08 Prospect/Wheeling at St Viator  GIRLS

 4/10 St Ignatius-Stevenson  GIRLS

 4/11 Palatine at Conant  BOYS

 4/12 Neuqua Girls Water Polo  GIRLS

 4/13 Oak Park Girls Water Polo  GIRLS

 4/14 Sandburg Water Polo  GIRLS

 4/15 Glenbrook South Water Polo  BOYS

 4/15 Sandburg vs Neuqua Valley  BOYS

 4/15 Naperville Central vs Mundelein  BOYS

 4/15 Mundelein vs Buffalo Grove  BOYS

 4/15 Naperville Central vs Naperville North  BOYS

 4/17 Fenwick vs Latin  BOYS

 4/18 New Trier vs Evanston  BOYS

 4/18 Hersey vs Prospect/Wheeling  BOYS

 4/19 Hinsdale Central vs L-Way Central  GIRLS

 4/20 Fenwick vs Stevenson  GIRLS

 4/24 Mother McAuley vs Naperville Central  GIRLS

 4/25 Sandburg at St Ignatius  GIRLS

 4/26 Palatine vs Prospect/Wheeling  BOYS

 4/27 P/W vs Barrington  GIRLS

 4/28 MCAC - Rice vs Ignatius / Ignatius vs Loyola  BOYS/GIRLS

 4/29 MCAC - Fenwick vs St Patrick  BOYS

 4/29 MCAC - Fenwick vs McAuley  GIRLS

 4/30 CPL POTY - Adnan Ovcina  BOYS

 5/08 The Goalies: Volume I  GIRLS

 5/10 The Goalies: Volume II  BOYS






Stevenson Tournament:


 4/22 Fenwick vs Naperville Central  BOYS

 4/22 Fenwick Water Polo  BOYS

 4/22 Naperville Central Water Polo  BOYS

 4/22 St Patrick Water Polo  BOYS

 4/22 Mundelein Water Polo  BOYS

 4/22 Palatine Water Polo  BOYS

 4/22 Stevenson Water Polo  BOYS

 4/22 Brother Rice Water Polo  BOYS

 4/22 Oak Park vs Lake Forest  BOYS

 4/22 Lake Forest Water Polo  BOYS




State Tournament videos:


 5/11 Boys State Quarterfinals  BOYS

 5/11 Preview: Fenwick vs Mundelein  GIRLS

 5/12 Girls State Quarterfinals  GIRLS

 5/13 Ignatius Advances To Title Game  GIRLS

 5/13 Stevenson/McAuley & Lyons/Mundelein  BOYS/GIRLS

 5/13 Latin vs Lyons - State Semifinals  BOYS

 5/13 Fenwick Boys Wins State Tournament  BOYS

 5/13 Fenwick Girls Wins State Tournament  GIRLS