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Saturday, May 2 (Update #1)

By Aaron Brown

Saturday, May 2, 2009 7:20pm



Lyons 10 Wheeling 7

Allie Grimes recorded 3 goals and Katelyn Jacobs added 2 scores in Lyons' 10-7 victory over Wheeling on Saturday.


New Trier 11 Barrington 10

Ryanne O'Donnell scored 6 goals and Sophia Palmer added 3 scores as New Trier beat Barrington 11-10. Megan Clampitt tallied 4 goals in the loss for the Fillies.



Friday, May 1 (Update #1)

By Aaron Brown

Friday, May 1, 2009 11:12pm



Stevenson 8 Palatine 4

Doug Malfar and Grant Stevens each recorded 2 goals to lead Stevenson to an 8-4 victory over Palatine in the first round of the Stevenson Tournament.


Buffalo Grove 16 Vernon Hills 3

Kevin Reilly scored 4 goals, Glen Bernard added 3 scores, and Matt Block and Matt Cooney both scored 2 times as Buffalo Grove defeated Vernon Hills 16-3.



York 9 Schaumburg 1

Alex Brinkmeier, Amanda Hewson, Grace Nelson, Janet Skukas, and Steph Ter Bush each recorded goals to lead York to a 9-1 win over Schaumburg.



Thursday, April 30 (Update #1)

By Aaron Brown

Thursday, April 30, 2009 9:57pm


FYI...The game between Mother McAuley and Stevenson slated for this evening at 5:00pm was postponed due to a facility problem at SHS. The game has been tentatively been rescheduled for next Wednesday.



New Trier 10 Latin 5

Joe Jeffers recorded 5 goals and Bill Farmer added 3 scores to lead New Trier past Latin 10-5 on Thursday evening.


Sandburg 13 Stagg 8

Cody Siemeck tallied 7 goals as Sandburg defeated Stagg 13-8 on Thursday afternoon.


Lockport 14 Lincoln-Way North 6

Kevin Moran scored 4 times, Joe Hernandez had 3 goals, and Chris Bowman added 2 scores as Lockport beat Lincoln-Way North 14-6.


Mundelein 16 Lake Forest 3

Frank Lukacs scored 5 goals, Mike Begrowicz added 4 scores, and Brandon Horsch had 3 goals as Mundelein beat Lake Forest 16-3 on Thursday.



Homewood-Flossmoor 8 Andrew 3

Katie McHugh scored 3 times and Hannah Ongman added 2 scores to help lift Homewood-Flossmoor to an 8-3 win over Andrew. Abby Ogren, Maya Holst, and Rebecca Matthews also notched goals for the Vikings in the win. Ashley Stromberg, Kayla Kutinac, and Leah McCarthy each scored once in the loss for the Thunderbolts.


Naperville Central 13 Fremd 11

Claire Fleming scored 5 goals, Haley Nelson added 3 scores, and Emily Sejna tallied 2 goals to lead the Redhawks to a 13-11 win over Fremd. Erika Lauraitis led the Vikings with 6 scores in the losing effort.


Latin 13 New Trier 4

Brittany Wallace scored 9 goals to lead Latin to a 12-4 victory over New Trier.


Neuqua Valley 8 Oak Park 7

Chelsea Pesesky, Jeanette Nolte, and Jen Nehls all scored 2 goals and Abbie Marone and Danielle Cirrintano combined to make 20 saves in Neuqua Valley's 8-7 win over Oak Park.


Mundelein 17 Lake Forest 2

Alexis Jones and Dani Caldwell both recorded 4 goals to help lift Mundelein to a 17-2 win over Lake Forest.



Wednesday, April 29 (Update #1)

By Aaron Brown

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 11:10pm



Sandburg 17 Lincoln-Way North 8

Cody Siemeck recorded 8 goals to lead Sandburg to a 17-8 victory over Lincoln-Way North.


St Ignatius 11 York 8

Aidan Fowler, Brendan Moore, Giuliano Wrobel, and Jack Abernethy each scored 2 goals in the Wolfpack's 11-8 victory over York. Marc Krolikiewicz scored 3 goals in the loss for the Dukes.


Lane 7 Northside 6

Joe Klontz scored 3 times to lead Lane past Northside 7-6 on Wednesday. Mike Figura tallied 3 scores in the loss for Northside.


Morgan Park 18 Maine East 8

Denzell Blackmon scored 7 goals and Zach Wenner added 6 scores in Morgan Park's 18-8 win over Maine East.


Lockport 13 Hinsdale South 7

Kevin Moran scored 4 goals to help lift Lockport to a 13-7 win over Hinsdale South.


St Rita 9 DeLaSalle 4

Mitch Condon totaled 3 goals in St Rita's 9-4 victory over DeLaSalle.


Neuqua Valley 17 Lincoln-Way East 12

John Mikuzis scored 10 goals and Mike Rooney tacked on 4 scores as Neuqua Valley beat Lincoln-Way East 17-12 on Wednesday. Ryan Jadwin also added 3 scores in the win for the Wildcats.



York 10 Hoffman Estates 7

Alex Brinkmeier scored 3 goals and Therese O'Toole added 2 scores to lead York to a 10-7 win over Hoffman Estates on Wednesday evening.


Northside 7 Lane 6

Clare Donnelly scored with 0:22 remaining in regulation and made a steal on Lane's last-chance possession to help lift Northside to a 7-6 win over Lane.


Wheeling 12 Glenbrook North 0

Amy Wilson and Emily Sullivan both scored 3 goals to lead Wheeling to a 12-0 shutout against Glenbrook North on Wednesday.


Marian 5 Hinsdale South 3

Julie Windish recorded 4 goals as Marian Catholic knocked off Hinsdale South 5-3 on Wednesday night in nonconference action.


Mundelein 12 Highland Park 1

Evelyn Kuczak scored 4 times and Alice Denny scored 3 goals in Mundelein's 12-1 win over Highland Park.


Fenwick 12 Evanston 5

Lisett Calderon recorded 3 goals to lead Fenwick past Evanston 12-5 on Wednesday.



Tuesday, April 28 (Update #1)

By Aaron Brown

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 11:00pm



Stagg 9 Lockport 8

Nick Vasdekas scored 6 goals to lead Stagg to a 9-8 upset over Lockport on Tuesday. Pat Cavanaugh scored 4 times in the loss for the Porters.


Richards 6 Argo 5

Eric Lyons scored 3 times and Tom Wodarski recorded 9 saves as Richards defeated Argo 6-5 on Tuesday.


New Trier 10 Lake Forest 5

Ben Varick tallied 5 scores and Bill Farmer added 3 goals as New Trier knocked off Lake Forest 10-5.


Fenwick 19 Waubonsie Valley 5

Brian Barron and Chris Wendt each recorded 4 goals to lead Fenwick past Waubonsie Valley 19-5 on Tuesday evening.


Schaumburg 13 Barrington 10

Brandon Kase recorded 5 goals to lead the Saxons to a 13-10 win over Barrington; Schaumburg improved to 9-0 in the MSL West with the victory. Mike Byron led the Broncos with 4 goals.


Lincoln-Way Central 17 Bradley 14

Eric Hosty scored 7 goals, Joe Caffarini added 5 scores, and Petar Jackovich scored 3 times as LWC beat Bradley 17-14.


Buffalo Grove 11 Wheeling 4

Matt Block scored 5 times and Kevin Reilly added 2 goals in Buffalo Grove's 11-4 win over Wheeling.


Fremd 15 Hoffman Estates 10

Brent Caras, Evan Ruggiero, and Zach Vandelogt each scored 3 times in Fremd's 15-10 victory over Hoffman Estates on Tuesday afternoon.


Loyola 16 Evanston 12

Charlie Shaw scored 4 goals, Liam Byrne and Sean Hulseman each scored 3 times, and TJ Considine scored 2 goals in Loyola's 16-12 win over Evanston.


Rolling Meadows 13 Elk Grove 5

Dan Vockerath scored 5 goals and Pat Lebuhn added 3 scores as Rolling Meadows beat Elk Grove 13-5 and clinched the MSL East regular season title.



Lincoln-Way Central 16 Bradley 8

Jess Grad scored 6 goals and Anji Bassi added 6 steals as LWC defeated Bradley 16-8 on Tuesday evening.


New Trier 19 Lake Forest 3

Ryanne O'Donnell scored 4 goals and Francesca Palmer added 3 scores as the Trevians beat Lake Forest 19-3.


Lockport 15 Stagg 14 (2 OT)

Jackie Bart recorded 9 goals and Maggie Knowles added 4 scores, 3 steals, and 2 assists as Lockport fended off Stagg 15-14 in double overtime on Tuesday night.


Fremd 18 Hoffman Estates 2

Allison McCarthy tallied 7 goals, Erika Lauraitis added 5 scores, and Kristina D'Andrea added 3 goals as Fremd beat Hoffman Estates 18-2. Rachel Gallo scored 2 times in the loss for the Hawks.


Mother McAuley 9 Naperville Central 7

Yuriria Chavez score 6 goals and Maggie McShane added 2 scores as Mother Mcauley beat Naperville Central 9-7 on Tuesday.


Sandburg 14 Andrew 4

Alyssa Turza scored 5 goals to lead Sandburg past Andrew 14-4 on Tuesday.


Barrington 9 Schaumburg 3

Megan Clampitt tallied 4 goals and Emily Fogle scored 2 times in Barrington's 9-3 victory over Schaumburg.


Oak Park 11 Homewood-Flossmoor 9

Audrey Reardon scored 8 times and Vicki Maslowski recorded 13 saves to lead Oak Park to an 11-9 win over H-F on Tuesday.



Monday, April 27 (Update #1)

By Aaron Brown

Monday, April 27, 2009 11:20pm



Stevenson 9 St Ignatius 8

Alex Rembialkowski and Ali Khan each recorded 2 goals in Stevenson's 9-8 win over St Ignatius in Lincolnshire.


Oak Park 19 Hinsdale Central 9

The Huskies clinched the West Suburban Conference regular season title with a 19-9 victory over Hinsdale Central on Monday, as Armando Lee, Dylan O'Connell, Tommy Poulos, and Troy Williams all scored 3 goals in the win. Eric Hallman and Luke O'Connell also scored 2 times in the victory for the Huskies.


Waubonsie Valley 16 Brother Rice 11

Jim Zuponeck tallied 8 goals and Edi Boldor added 6 scores to lead Waubonsie Valley to a 16-11 win over Brother Rice on Monday night. Sean Davis scored 5 times and Matt Stelnicki added 3 scores in the loss for the Crusaders.


Sandburg 17 Bradley 9

Cody Siemeck scored 8 goals to lead Sandburg to a 17-9 conference win over Bradley.


Mundelein 18 Fremd 4

Mike Begrowicz and Pat Falconer both scored 5 times as Mundelein knocked off Fremd 18-4 on Monday evening.



Fremd 10 Mundelein 9

Kristina D'Andrea scored with twenty seconds left in regulation to give Fremd a 10-9 win over Mundelein on Monday night. Erika Lauraitis totaled 5 goals and D'Andrea added 3 scores, while Katie French also contributed 2 goals in the win for the Vikings. Alice Denny scored 3 times to lead the Mustangs in the loss.


Neuqua Valley 7 York 6

Jeanette Nolte led the Wildcats with 4 goals as they held off York 7-6 on Monday evening.


Lockport 10 Hinsdale South 9

Maggie Knowles scored 4 goals, Jackie Bart added 3 scores, and Amber Wood scored 2 times as Lockport fended off Hinsdale South 10-9. Jess Lahey added 7 saves and Molly Knowles recorded 3 steals and 2 assists in the victory for the Porters.


Barrington 11 St Viator 6

Megan Clampitt recorded 5 goals, Emily Fogle scored 3 times, and Chelsea Simon scored 2 goals as Barrington upended St Viator 11-6 on Monday evening. Michelle McKee led the Lions with 3 goals in the loss.


Stevenson 9 St Ignatius 4

Katie Moy scored 5 goals and Mary Novokhovsky added 3 goals and 2 assists to help lift Stevenson past St Ignatius 9-4 on Monday. Karen Lowry added a goal and 4 assists and goalie Janelle Bartman recorded 14 saves in the win for the Patriots. Lydia Ridgeway, Kate Stelnicki, Stephanie Fernandez, and Yvette Leon each tallied goals for the Wolfpack in the losing effort.


Sandburg 12 Oak Park 9

Alyssa Turza scored 4 times, Kelsey Flynn chipped in with 3 goals, and goalie Stephanie Pouder made 22 saves in Sandburg's 12-9 victory over Oak Park. Audrey Reardon recorded 8 scores in the loss for the Huskies.


Highland Park 6 Northside 2

Alex Boling and Sara Mocogni each scored 2 goals to lead Highland Park past Northside 6-2. Evie Brown recorded 14 saves and made 2 steals in the loss for the Wolfpack.


New Trier 13 Glenbrook South 4

Sophia Palmer recorded 4 goals and Ryanne O'Donnell added 3 scores in New Trier's 13-4 win over Glenbrook South, helping the Trevians finish 7-0 in the Central Suburban League conference.



Sunday, April 26 (Update #2)

By Aaron Brown

Sunday, April 26, 2009 2:30pm


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Sunday, April 26 (Update #1)

By Aaron Brown

Sunday, April 26, 2009 2:20pm


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By Aaron Brown

Sunday, February 21, 2009 9:55am


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