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May 16, 2011

The Latest Water Polo-Related & Site Updates

By Aaron Brown


Here are a few late season updates regarding a wide variety of water polo-related topics:


Live State Tournament Updates

As was noted at the end of the 2010 season, the IHSA told me that I would be unable to be on the pool deck to provide state tournament updates. As a result, I am unsure as to how things will go this year, but we will work as hard as possible to provide the best live coverage of the state tournament in 2011, complete with game previews, play-by-play, game recaps, and much, much more. There could be a few hiccups (especially on Thursday) as we figure out a new way to keep those who can't be in attendance informed on what is happening as it goes down.


State Tournament Week

Be on the lookout for several updates leading up to this year's state tournament, including separate previews for the boys'/girls' tournaments, game previews, and more during the few quiet days before the season wraps up with a bang!


All-Sectional Teams

The All-Sectional Teams are posted under each site's main page in the Sectional Center. These teams are voted on by the coaches within each sectional, confirmed by the Illinois Water Polo organization, and sent out as a finalized list.


The All-Sectional Teams are posted on, but the site itself does not have any say in the voting/selections. If you have any questions regarding anything with the voting, feel free to e-mail, but note that the site is simply posting information sent to us by a different organization.


At the time of this update, six of the eight sectionals have reported their results. The other two sectional sites will be updated as soon as the information is received.


Overall Site Update

Saturday was a record day for in more than one way; the site reached a total of 6 million hits since its' inception while easily surpassing the previous daily record of site traffic and page views. I would like to mention a special thank you to everyone who has helped the site and the sport in several different ways over the past few years (donations, encouragement, information, support, and so on). Please keep in mind that the site depends on donations in order to operate and to continue recognizing as many water polo athletes as possible.



















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