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Preview Play-by-play Recap

Box Score


1 2 3 4


 McHenry 1 5 3 2 11 FINAL 
 Loyola 3 5 1 4 13


 McH - Braun 6, Matthys 2, Clohessy, Hertel, J. Peck

 LOY - Hulseman 6, Dowdle 4, Goosman, LeCompte, Netzel


Starting Lineups


1-Alex Birkle

1A-Wyatt Schroeder

2-Tim Briscoe

3-Lucas Matthys

4-Tyler Wagner

5-Scott Dabrowski

7-Jordan Kuchenmeister

8-Chris Heck

9-Matt Peck

10-Robbie Schwerdtfeger

11-Joe Peck

12-Dom Mattioli

13-Dylan Clohessy

14-Andrew Hertel

15-Kyle Braun

16-Corey Olson

17-Daniel Oldach

18-Andrew Trocki

20-Phillip Lesniak

21-Drew Schmitt


1-Robbie O'Connor

1A-Kyle Strobel

2-Joe Hancuch

3-Pat Stein

4-Jordan Hodur

6-Erik Goosman

7-Brendan Hulseman

8-William LeCompte

9-Brian Pinelli

10-Patrick Demetreio

11-Tim Netzel

12-Matt Prorok

13-Jordan McDermott

14-Jack Buehler

15-Ben Pasquesi

16-Jack Considine

17-George Finn

18-Charlie Dowdle

19-Danny Stauder

20-Jack Nickele

21-Tyler Saint Germain

Live Commentary



We are about set for the second semifinal game between McHenry and Loyola. The teams lineup for introductions as we get set for what should be a physical encounter between the two teams


Starting lineups:

McHenry: Birkle, Dabrowski, Clohessy, Hertel, Braun, Lesniak, Schmitt

Loyola: O'Connor, Hodur, Hulseman, LeCompte, Netzel, Dowdle, St Germain


Some technical difficulties early; Loyola has started out with a 3-1 lead at the end of the first quarter. Hulseman put in two scores and Dowdle added one in the opening period for the Ramblers, while Braun scored the lone goal to get McHenry on the scoreboard


Loyola 3 McHenry 1




O'Connor makes a solid save on a 2m shot by Dabrowski


Hertel scores after an ejection to cut the Loyola lead to 3-2


After a double ejection, Dowdle scores for the Ramblers to make the score 4-2


Dowdle scores for Loyola to put them ahead 5-2


LeCompte scores from 5m out to make the score 6-2


Clohessy responds with a McHenry goal to cut the lead to 6-3


Clohessy's second straight goal makes the score 6-4


Matthys with a goal for McHenry, as a 3-0 run has the Warriors back within one of the Ramblers (6-5 Loyola)


After an ejection, Hulseman scores a quick goal to stop the McHenry run and give Loyola a 7-5 lead


Loyola gets it back and Goosman scores from 9m to make it 8-5!


Braun responds for McHenry, scoring after an ejection right before halftime and cutting the Loyola lead to 8-6!


Loyola 8 McHenry 6




Braun opens the scoring with a goal from 5m and McHenry has the Loyola lead down to 8-7


Birkle has made six straight blocks to keep the Warriors within one goal


Two more saves by Birkle, who has a total of eight saves already in the third period!


Matthys scores a rebound goal and McHenry has tied the game at 8-8!


Lesniak gets rolled, then Netzel connects on the five-meter shot to give Loyola a 9-8 lead!


The defenses have locked things down in the late stages of the third period


McHenry timeout; they come out and Braun scores as time expires to tie the game at 9-9 at the end of the period!


Loyola 9 McHenry 9




Dowdle opens the scoring for the Ramblers in the fourth quarter and they take a 10-9 lead!


Birkle blocks a five-meter attempt to keep the Warriors within one!


Loyola with a 2-on-1 breakaway chance, but once again Birkle makes a huge save


Braun ties the score after a Loyola ejection and it's tied at 10-10


Hulseman eventually breaks the deadlock and Loyola reclaims an 11-10 advantage!


Hulseman scores his second straight goal after an ejection and Loyola now with a 12-10 lead!


The crowd is going absolutely insane right now; Loyola smells the finish line, but McHenry has time for a comeback


Braun converts a penalty shot and the Warriors are back within one!


McHenry timeout


The Warriors need a stop, the Ramblers probably need at least one more goal to put the game away...


...and Loyola gets the goal! Hulseman scores after an ejection to make it 13-11 for Loyola!


McHenry draws a late ejection, but O'Connor makes a key save for the Ramblers...


...who run the clock out and earn a 13-11 win over McHenry!


Loyola 13 McHenry 11


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