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  Twitter Recap of Thursday's State Quarterfinals

  By Aaron Brown

  May 2013


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If you follow @illpolo on Twitter, you can get the latest state tournament updates from anywhere. Here is the progression of events as recapped by Twitter for those who are interested in the timeline of the entire Thursday night spectacle from Stevenson HS:


Less than 30 minutes away from the first state tournament game! Loyola and LWC on deck and getting ready to go at 4:30pm.

Follow along at for live scores on the main page and live play-by-play by clicking through the main page links

LWC vs Loyola in game 1 - intros are complete, anthem is next and then it's state tournament time!

Midway through Q1, LWC leads Loyola 2-1. Jackovich and Dundek with the LWC goals and Swenson scored Loyola's first

LWC leads Loyola 7-5 halfway through Q2; Jackovich with 5 goals for the Knights, Swenson with 3 and Considine with 2 for Loyola.

LWC 8 Loyola 6 at halftime in the first girls quarterfinal game at stevenson hs

Considine's breakaway goal cuts the LWC lead to 9-8 with 2:08 remaining in Q3; LWC timeout

Foglton's save after Loyola drew an ejection keeps LWC ahead of Loyola 10-8 at the end of the third quarter

LWC holds on to a 12-10 lead with 4m to go...we've also seen a red card issued in the first game of the tournament

Loyola with a hectic scramble to score to make it 12-11 with 0:32 left and they call timeout

LWC hangs for a 12-11 win over Loyola. Jackovich scores 8 goals in the Knights' win

Way behind schedule already...Mundelein-barrington will start around 6:10pm instead of 5:45pm

Just underway in the second quarterfinal, with Karrie Kozokar putting Mundelein ahead of Barrington 1-0

Defensive battle between Mundelein and Barrington; two goals by Kozokar have the Mustangs ahead 2-1 after one quarter

Late in the first half, Mundelein leads Barrington 4-2. Kozokar with all 4 goals, while Gavars and Meckert have tallied for the Fillies

Mundelein holds a 7-3 lead over Barrington with under six minutes left in regulation

Mundelein leads Barrington 9-5 with 2:15 left in the fourth quarter

Karrie Kozokar scored 9 goals to lead Mundelein to an 11-5 win over Barrington

The NC-Ignatius game will start around 7:40pm. 40 minutes later than scheduled.

That means the epic showdown between Fenwick and mcauley will start close to 9pm

Ignatius and Central are seconds from getting underway!

Late in the first quarter, St Ignatius and Naperville Central are tied at 1-1; NC with a timeout after an ejection with 2:33 left in Q1

NC 2 SICP 2 after Q1

Into the third quarter with Ignatius leading Naperville Central 8-5

St Ignatius has pulled away from Naperville Central and leads 11-5 late in the third period

It's all but over as the subs are in for both teams with Ignatius beating NC 14-5

SICP 15 NC 6, FINAL SCORE. Fenwick and McAuley will begin play after 9:00pm

It really doesn't get any bigger than Fenwick-McAuley in a state tournament game. Who will survive to the semifinal round?

Fenwick takes an early 2-0 lead over McAuley on goals by Ovalle and Barron

Kopale and Kleist have tied the game at 2-2 between Fenwick and McAuley

McAuley leads Fenwick 3-2 after Bryar's early third period goal!

McAuley leads 5-3 late in the first half

Fenwick survives a late 6-on-4 situation but trails Mother McAuley 5-3 at halftime

Again, if I was principal, neither of these two teams would have to go to school tomorrow. No state qualifying team would.

Still 5-3 McAuley midway through the third quarter as the defenses have stepped up

Kleist draws a 5m and Bryar converts, McAuley leads Fenwick 6-3

Mother McAuley 7 Fenwick 3 with 7:00 left to play in the last semifinal of the day!

I wish I was at Stevenson watching this Fenwick-McAuley game...good thing @illpolo is there! - Rebecca Mathews (Iona & H-F)

Fenwick gets a quick goal but trails McAuley 7-4 with 4:30 remaining

Just over two minutes to play and McAuley leads Fenwick 7-5 as the Friars take a timeout

NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The power just went out with McAuley leading Fenwick 7-6 after Barron's latest goal.

It's really dim on the pool deck so they have to wait to get back in the pool now...ugh

somebody took your midnight game seriously - Sean Scanlon (Marian Catholic)

If this game goes to overtime...

it's just like the Super Bowl - Mark Betti (Mundelein)

Still pretty dark, past 10pm, 1:41 left in the game with McAuley leading Fenwick 7-6 but the Friars on a 3-0 run

Lets just get a glow in the dark ball and let them play - Kevin Tunney (Sandburg)

Start pumping in the Skrillex! I'm about to order a pizza.

All kidding aside, this is really a shame.

LET THEM PLAY! LET THEM PLAY! C'mon crowd pull a Bad News Bears right now. #ishouldstartit

Here we go I guess...playing in the dim lighting a five-minute warmup for the teams


Barron's lob goes in! Tied at 7-7.

OH MY! Buglio blocks Arciniega's backhand

Arciniega with a steal at the other end and draws an ejection. Timeout McAuley!


McAuley leads Fenwick 8-7 with 0:27 left after Kleist scored from the right side! Beautiful pass from Bryar. Timeout Fenwick.

fenwick turnover and mcauley timeout!

0:21 left, McAuley ball leading by one...McAuley timeout!

MCAULEY WINS 8-7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

McAuley overcoming Fenwick's rally and a power outage is one of the most epic things I've see in water polo. Mad props! Epic win.

Congrats to LWC, Mundelein, St Ignatius, and Mother McAuley for winning tonight to advance to the state semifinal round





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