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  Quarterfinal #4: Conant vs Lyons



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Lyons 15 Conant 13 (OT)

The Lions return to the state tournament for the first time since 2010 to take on a Cougars team making their first appearance in the Big Dance.


Lyons is back amongst the final eight teams in the state hoping for the same result as their last trip to the event, when they won a state title in 2010. They racked up plenty of high-quality wins against an always difficult schedule and eventually outlasted Mother McAuley 6-3 in their own sectional final to advance to the state tournament.


The Cougars won their first 23 games of 2015 before dropping two straight one-goal losses to Oak Park and Neuqua Valley. After another loss to top-ranked Stevenson, Conant has gone on to win six straight contests (including an MSL title and the Schaumburg Sectional title).


The final quarterfinal of the night marks the first meeting between the two teams in 2015.



















- Conant wins the swim-off and Sam Wooley draws an ejection but they cannot convert

- Lyons draws one of their own on the other end and Kaysie Stuba quickly puts LT ahead 1-0

- The Lions get a stop but Maddy Demaret elevates to make a save on the other end

- Jessie Wittenberg also makes a save but Conant retains possession and draws an ejection

- Wooley hits the crossbar from 5m and LT gets the rebound

- Rebound goal for Sara McTigue and the Lions pull ahead 2-0

- Another ejection called and this time Miranda Fenlon walks it in and scores to trim the lead to 2-1

- Caroline Walsh nets her first goal from inside 5m for the Lions to make it 3-1

- Another stop and another goal for the Lions, this time it is Stuba fighting to put a loose ball in at 2m

- Penalty to Conant but Wittenberg dives to her left to make a huge save!

- Julia Cohen's sweep shot gives Lyons a 5-1 lead after the opening period




- The Cougars start the period with possession but just can't get a shot away

- Penalty! Walsh hit the crossbar and somehow Demaret deflected her rebound attempt from close range

- Both teams make stops before Conant calls a timeout trailing 5-1 with 5:04 left in the half

- Sarah Gregory pushes in a loose ball at 2m after a set play coming out of the timeout; 5-2 Lyons

- Conant cannot convert on another penalty attempt

- Demaret blocks a penalty attempt on the other end and the score remains 5-2

- Carmen Rosas connects from 7m with a defender on her back to cut the lead to 5-3

- Demaret makes a save and a great pass to lead Emily Weingart but her attempt gets blocked from

- Cohen nets her second with a penalty conversion to the right corner to make it 6-3 with 1:27 left in Q2

- Rosas passes out of set and Wooley scores from nearly 9m and the lead is back down to two; 6-4

- Rosas draws an ejection then assists Miranda Fenlon on a goal from the left side; 6-5 with seconds left

- Julia Cohen launches a shot that goes bar-in from beyond mid-pool as the buzzer sounds! Lyons up 7-5




- Quick ejection drawn by Conant and Rosas slams one into the left of the cage to cut the lead to 7-6

- Stops on both ends of the pool and then Conant draws another ejection...and then another...

- Wittenberg makes an important save after the double-ejection to keep the Lions ahead by one

- Conant forces a turnover but the Lyons' defense does the same to the Cougars' counter attempt

- Fenlon ties it from outside 9m after a foul is called and the game is even at 7-7!

- Almasa Duheric gives the Lions' an 8-7 lead after a double-ejection; 8-7 Lyons!

- Ejection! Goalie save! Penalty! Yellow card issued! Now an officials' delay...

- Sam Wooley converts the penalty to tie the game at 8-8! Right corner!

- Penalty! Julia Cohen skips a shot into the left side and Lyons leads 9-8

- Penalty! Wooley is good again to the right to tie it at 9-9!

- After an ejection, the Lions turn the ball over and Demaret misses from her own end at the buzzer




- Lyons starts with it but cannot convert

- Conant earns a penalty on the other end but Wooley rattles the crossbar and Lyons gets to it first

- Lyons draws an ejection but they miss their quick shot attempt

- Wooley lobs a shot in from the left corner to give Conant their first lead! 10-9

- Demaret makes a save and Rosas scores again for the Cougars, 11-9!

- Lyons timeout with 5:07 remaining

- Walsh has a shot attempt denied by Demaret; Wittenberg comes out of the net to make a steal

- Stuba goal

- Rosas goal

- Lyons gets an ejection call but cannot convert

- Conant hits the post

- Lyons turns it over, Wittenberg comes out to make a steal

- Penalty! Demaret makes a save but Lyons gets it back...then they turn it over

- Rosas has a shot attempt blocked after an ejection and Lyons takes over with 2:35 left

- Cohen has a chance but Demaret gets to it and Conant calls a timeout with 2:20 remaining

- Conant runs the clock down after the timeout and then Wittenberg makes a save with 1:56 left

- Caroline Walsh scores quickly after Wittenberg made a save to cut the lead to 12-11

- Conant misses a shot attempt on the other end, then Demaret makes a save with 1:15 left

- The Lions have two shot attempts blocked by Demaret after an ejection but still have the ball

- Lyons timeout with :31 left

- The Lions waited patiently for a shot, drew another ejection and Caroline Walsh scores!!!!!!!!!!!

- Walsh tied it from 5m after the defense switched off with :08 left in regulation

- Demaret misfires on her last chance for Conant as we head to overtime!!!!!!!!!




- Lyons starts with the ball but they turn it over

- The Lions force a turnover then Demaret makes a steal on the other end

- Walsh save...with the goalie out of the cage Walsh stopped a shot with a one-hand grab to save a goal

- Penalty! Walsh converts from the spot to give Lyons a 13-12 lead!

- Walsh scores again after a Lyons' stop to make it 14-12

- Another stop, another goal! This time Julia Cohen puts one on the board to make it 15-12

- Lyons hits the crossbar at the end of the period but a 3-0 run has them up 15-12 after one OT period




- Sara McTigue scores almost one minute into the second overtime and Lyons leads 16-12

- Lexi Hedman responds with her first goal to cut it to 16-13

- Conant with a stop and they call timeout with 1:03 left

- The Lions force a turnover with under one minute left then draw an ejection...

- Nothing doing in the last :30 seconds as the Lions advance to the state semifinals!!!!!









Lyons 16 Conant 13 (OT)

Caroline Walsh and Julia Cohen both recorded 5 goals and Kaysie Stuba notched 3 scores as the Lions outlasted Conant 16-13 in overtime to advance to the state semifinals. Lyons, who led 5-1 early and did not give up the lead until the final period, battled back from a late two-goal deficit as Walsh scored two straight goals down the stretch. In the overtime period, Walsh scored two straight goals as part of a 4-0 run that sealed a thrilling victory for the Lions.


The Cougars came so close to winning their first state tournament game with a two-period rally that saw them tie the game at 9-9 by the end of the third quarter. Carmen Rosas and Sam Wooley played a major role in the comeback, as both tallied 5 scores in the game. Wooley gave Conant their first lead on a lob shot and Rosas followed with a quick score to put Conant ahead 11-9. Stuba and Rosas traded goals to make the score 12-10 before Walsh provided the heroics to send the game to overtime.


Jessie Wittenberg made 11 saves, totaled 4 steals and blocked 2 penalty shots for Lyons. Maddy Demaret stopped 18 shots, earned 6 steals and blocked 3 penalty shots.


The game saw a total of 36 ejections called between the two teams. Cohen drew 7 ejections, Walsh drew 6 kickouts and Stuba totaled 4 ejections drawn for a total of 23 ejections on Conant. Rosas drew 9 total ejections in the losing effort.



Conant: Wooley 5, Rosas 4, Fenlon 2, Gregory, Hedman

Lyons: Cohen 5, Walsh 5, Stuba 3, McTigue 2, Duheric









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