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  The Illpolo Decision

  By Aaron Brown

  May 31, 2015


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In a normal year, I wait until school is out so that my immediate family can go on our annual vacation to Lake Geneva (WI) to figure out if another year of is possible. Recently, we have made the journey to Stevenson High School to watch the All-Star Game with our son Hunter before crossing the Wisconsin border for a much-deserved break. The decision to continue running the web site is something I decide quietly with my wife, the answer is always yes, and before you know it...I'm coming up with ideas to enhance the coverage and have begun the R & D process for the next season of water polo in Illinois.


This year, as outlined in my statement on Monday, there were some immediate issues that forced me to speak out about the sport and the future of the coverage. As a result, I had to quickly figure things out to see if anything would change but also so that I didn't have to keep anyone waiting on an answer about the 2016 water polo season.



I read through every e-mail, direct message, text and telegram and think I responded to all of them. It was a struggle a I also had to make up for two days of absences from school last week and final exams began early in the week as well.


The response to my statement from the water polo community was immense. I hope I was able to outline that fact to every single one of you who sent your thoughts in. I never doubted you. But now I know you have my back even more so than before...



A few things have changed, a few things have stayed the same. Let's just say that the people who went out of their way to extend their help came through in a big way while the people who I called out...silence. Not surprising. They can keep trying to do things that hurt the sport but there are people out here that will do what they can to prevent that from now on.



My final word on this. This time. I outlined the past issues with this organization last Monday. Currently, they have a link to on their site for high school coverage (scores, schedules, etc). They ask me to advertise the All-State banquet without an invitation, they ask me to advertise the All-Star game without invitation, and even this week they asked me to post the All-State awards on the same day that I outlined my issues with their organization with no regards! Where else can you find them? I say this because if they have some sort of issue with me and the coverage I provide...I am unaware and one would think they wouldn't make these requests if that were the case. I remain in the dark.



Not only will return in 2016, but starting NOW I will be doing better for all of you that put so much effort into this great sport! Right away! Don't worry about saying thanks or shaking my hand if you see me at a game/event, I'm approaching you and getting your autograph. The water polo community in IL came through like you wouldn't believe and no matter what happens for me (haters, a new child on the way in September, etc) I will be back stronger than before. Starting now!


Thank you,

Aaron Brown





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