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By Aaron Brown


Getting a chance to cover water polo in Illinois as a random, voluntary side gig for the past fifteen years has been amazing. I treat it like a full-time job while I teach at a high school without water polo (so sad) and have the greatest kids and wife in the world who support me spending 16+ hours per day working during the water polo season.

I didn't think would exist in 2017. I almost announced my retirement a few times in the past few months but held out hope there might be some miraculous way to find the time, the money, and a different job that would allow me to keep doing it instead of one trying to prevent me from doing it.

I'm still in the same place. I don't think I can continue with the site. Donations would help. Support and an offer to send scores or updates would be cool. A new job would be awesome...but I'm not expecting the world. Just a bit of help to keep this little thing going. And a retweet every once in awhile, of course.


In case the site and the coverage don't make it back off the canvas, I just want to spread this message:

"I've met some of the best people I will ever meet through water polo. One of them just might have saved my life this past November...but that's a story for another day."


Keeping this site going in 2017 would probably mean more to me than anything else I've ever done. Anything you can do to help would be appreciated.


Asking for some support from the water polo community to help keep the coverage going for a fifteenth year:

Thank you for your consideration,
Aaron Brown







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