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All-State Selection Process


The following text is the process for this yearís All-Sectional and All-State Nomination and Selection.  Please read 
carefully.  Attached to this email you will find a form for nominating your players to the All-Sectional team.  Please 
fill out this form and bring it to your Sectional Seed meeting on Monday.  The form is to be turned in to your 
Sectional Host Coach, NOT the managing Athletic Director.


*     All-Sectional Nomination: At the conclusion of the Sectional Seed Meeting, each coach will present a list of candidates for consideration of All-Sectional recognition by the other coaches.  It is recommended that each coach provide, in rank order, the name and cap number only, of the teamís candidates for the All-Sectional Team.  This process will ensure that all players to be considered for All-Sectional recognition will be made available to the voting coaches prior to the tournament.  While there is no specific limit to the number of nominations, it is recommended that no team nominate more than 7 players.


*    All-Sectional Ballot: provided by the Sectional Host, will include the compiled list of All-Sectional candidates from each team.  This will ensure accuracy on the ballot and that all votes will be distributed to the correct player.  The ballot will include 10 slots for votes, with a decreasing point value from 10 points for 1st and 1 point for 10th. The ballot will also include a nomination for Sectional Coach of the Year.


*    All-Sectional Automatic Berths: The All-Sectional Team will be comprised of a First Team, which includes the top seven vote-getters, and a Second Team, which includes the next seven vote-getters.  The goalie receiving the most votes will be placed on the First Team. All-Sectional berths will be distributed by each teamís placing in the Sectional Tournament, as follows:

       1st Place team -- 4 automatic berths on All-Sectional Team
       2nd Place team -- 3 automatic berths
       3rd Place team -- 2 automatic berths
       4th Place team -- 1 automatic berth
       At-Large Ė 4 berths

Therefore, ten out of fourteen All-Sectional slots will be allotted to the top four teams in the Sectional.  The remaining four slots will be At-Large berths, based on the voting results. At-large berths may come from any team in the Sectional, regardless of team finish.  Any coach may NOT vote
for his/her own player.


*    All-Sectional Honorable Mention: Any player receiving an All-Sectional vote that does not make the All-Sectional team will be considered All-Sectional Honorable Mention.  These players will receive award certificates.


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Coaches: If you need information posted on this page, please send email to illpolo@yahoo.com.


All-Sectional/All-State Selection Process Info





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