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Glenbrook South 9 St Viator 5

Brendan Chang recorded 6 goals to help lead the Titans past St Viator 9-5.


Glenbrook South 13 Bremen 7

Brendan Chang totaled 6 goals and Jack Davenport stopped 6 shots as the Titans beat Bremen 13-7.


Glenbrook South 15 Glenbrook North 4

Brendan Chang scored 7 goals and Aiden Clippenger blocked 8 shots as the Titans knocked off GBN 15-4.




Neuqua Valley 10 Dr Phillips 9

Matthew Townsend registered 5 goals as the Wildcats held off Dr Phillips 10-9. Max Meisenheimer tallied 7 scores in the loss for the Panthers.


DeSmet 7 New Trier 6

Thomas Larson scored 6 goals as DeSmet fended off New Trier 7-6 on Friday. Charlie Morgan notched 3 scores in the loss for the Trevians.


Parkway West 14 Brother Rice 7

Alex Nozka and Jackson Piles both recorded 4 goals as the Longhorns defeated Brother Rice 14-7. Matt Kilroe scored 3 times in the loss for the Crusaders.


Lyons 10 Naperville North 4

Victor Perez notched 4 scores and Ethan Wright scored 3 times in the Lions' 10-4 triumph over Naperville North. Chase McClure led the Huskies with 2 scores in the loss.


Fenwick 18 Neuqua Valley 3

Dan Lynch scored 5 goals and both Payton Comstock and Ramses Flores netted 3 goals in the Friars' 18-3 win over Neuqua Valley. Matthew Townsend scored 2 goals in the loss for the Wildcats.


Dr Phillips 12 Oak Park 11

Max Meisenheimer scored 5 goals to help Dr Phillips outlast Oak Park 12-11. Cal Jaques, Dan Franklin and Finn McMullen each scored 3 goals and Braydon Graves made 12 saves in the loss for the Huskies.


Stevenson 15 DeSmet 6

Justin Ginsberg registered 6 scores, Collin Kapecki scored 4 times and Dima Kobets tallied 3 scores as the Patriots beat DeSmet 15-6.


Naperville Central 11 Parkway West 0

Lucas Nervig scored 3 goals, Bender Russo and Luke Klein-Collins both scored 2 goals and Kent Emden made 6 saves and earned a shutout in the Redhawks' 11-0 win over Parkway West.


Neuqua Valley 10 Naperville North 2

Matthew Townsend registered 4 goals and Pierce Salafatinos netted 2 scores in the Wildcats' 10-2 win over Naperville North.


Dr Phillips 7 Lincoln-Way East 2

Dan Magrino scored 3 goals and Max Meisenheimer notched 2 scores as Dr Phillips got past LWE 7-2.


Naperville Central 8 Stevenson 4

Dominic May scored 3 goals, Lucas Nervig scored 2 times and Kent Emden blocked 7 shots to help the Redhawks earn an 8-4 victory over Stevenson.




Lockport 12 STC North 3

Michael Bates scored 4 goals, Tyler Thompson netted 3 scores and Matt Zalesko totaled 2 goals and 8 steals in the Porters' 12-3 win over STC North. Charlie Williams scored 2 goals and Lukas Kuizenga made 11 saves in the loss for the North Stars.


Lockport 15 Libertyville 3

Jacob Sweis scored 5 goals while the trio of Matt Zalesko, Michael Bates and Tyler Thompson each put in 3 scores as the Porters defeated Libertyville 15-3.


Lockport 15 Niles West 1

Jacob Sweis and Michael Bates each tallied 4 scores and Connor Hecker blocked 10 shots in the Porters' 15-1 triumph over Niles West.


STC North 6 Hinsdale Central 5 (4 OT)

Sam Kalenowski scored the game-winner in the second sudden-death overtime period to send the North Stars past Hinsdale Central 6-5. Gavin Allamian totaled 2 goals and 6 steals while Lukas Kuizenga made 17 saves for the victors.




Schaumburg 10 Lafayette 5

Ryan Gustafson recorded 5 goals to help the Saxons earn a 10-5 victory over Lafayette.


McHenry 19 Hoffman 2

Tyler Hemphill registered 5 goals and Riley Hedberg netted 4 scores in the Warriors' 19-2 win over HEHS.


Whitney Young 19 Waubonsie Valley 7

Aiden Cawley poured in 7 goals to lead the Dolphins past Waubonsie Valley 19-7.


Lincoln-Way West 13 St Rita 12

Liam Hall recorded 5 goals, Josh Carlson scored 4 times and Tyler Hubbs registered 3 scores to help the Warriors get past St Rita 13-12. Daniel Burns scored 7 goals and Nate Cruz scored 2 times in the loss for the Mustangs.


Waubonsie Valley 11 Schaumburg 10

Jack Zielinski scored 5 goals, including the game-winner, as the Warriors outlasted Schaumburg 11-10. Dallys Dorsey scored 3 goals and Quentin Tiscareno added 2 scores in the winning effort. Matt Soltau scored 5 goals while Ryan Gustafson scored 3 times in the loss for the Saxons.


Lincoln-Way West 21 Hoffman 2

Josh Carlson scored 5 goals and Jack Taylor put in 4 scores as the Warriors earned a 21-2 victory over Hoffman to close out the night in Schaumburg. Eric Callisen and Marcos Pineda each scored once in the loss for the Hawks.


Whitney Young 21 Lafayette 1

Aiden Cawley registered 5 scores as the Dolphins defeated Lafayette 23-1.


St Rita 10 McHenry 7

Daniel Burns scored 6 goals to lead the Mustangs past McHenry 10-7. Jonah Smith led the Warriors with 4 scores in the losing effort.


Waubonsie Valley 15 Lafayette 6

Jack Zielinski scored 5 times and Quentin Tiscareno recorded 3 scores in the Warriors' 15-6 win over Lafayette. Ed Galo scored 4 goals in the losing effort.


St Rita 23 Hoffman 1

Zack Aleman scored 5 times and Robert McDonald put in 4 scores in the Mustangs' 23-1 victory over Hoffman. Osman Hashim scored the lone goal in the loss for the Hawks.


Lincoln-Way West 10 McHenry 10

Josh Carlson scored 4 goals for West while Riley Hedberg recorded 5 goals for McHenry as the two squads finished in a 10-10 draw.


Lafayette 10 Hoffman 5

Blake McCarthy scored 4 goals to help lead the Lancers past Hoffman 10-5. Greg Baranov and Logan Caro each scored 2 times in the loss for the Hawks.


McHenry 11 Schaumburg 7

Tyler Hemphill recorded 5 goals and Jonah Smith tallied 4 scores in the Warriors' 11-7 win over Schaumburg. Matt Soltau and Michael Burke both scored 3 times and Michael Hahn made 14 saves in the loss for the hosts.


St Rita 12 Waubonsie Valley 5

Daniel Burns registered 5 scores to lead the Mustangs to a 12-5 victory over Waubonsie Valley in the event's third-place game.











Hersey 9 Elk Grove 4

Madison Burkhalter recorded 3 goals, Tamara Mladjenovic added 2 scores and Claire Lutz made 10 stops in the Huskies' 9-4 triumph over Elk Grove. Gillian Guerra netted 2 scores in the loss for the Grenadiers.


Glenbrook South 6 Palatine 0

Toni Zheleva registered 2 scores as the Titans earned a 6-0 shutout victory over Palatine. Claire Davis stopped 13 shots in the losing effort.


Elk Grove 6 Glenbrook South 4

Alyssa Bonilla recorded 4 goals to lead the Grenadiers past GBS 6-4.


Hersey 11 Palatine 2

Madison Burkhalter scored 3 goals and both Ashley DaSilva and Grace Prior scored 2 times to help the Huskies get past Palatine 11-2. Katie Lindgren totaled 4 assists, 6 steals and a goal as well for Hersey. Ellis Nelson and Natalia Koval each scored once while Claire Davis made 9 saves for the Pirates.


Elk Grove 9 Palatine 4

Gillian Guerra scored 4 goals as the Grenadiers defeated Palatine 9-4. Claire Davis made 13 saves in the loss for the Pirates.


Hersey 11 Glenbrook South 6

Katie Lindgren recorded 4 goals, both Annie Lindgren and Madison Burkhalter notched 3 scores and Claire Lutz stopped 6 shots as the Huskies got past GBS 11-6 to win the event.




Maine East 13 Lincoln Park 6

Sophia Learnahan netted 5 scores and Chrisavgi Kotsifas recorded 4 scores as the Blue Demons earned a 13-6 victory over Lincoln Park. Caroline Caruso led LP with 2 scores in the loss.


Jones-Payton 17 Bradley 4

Grace Kelly registered 7 goals and Emma Salzman tallied 4 scores in the Lady Eagles' 17-4 victory over Bradley.


Waubonsie Valley 12 Bradley 6

Alex Triko registered 7 goals as the Warriors knocked off Bradley 12-6. Lexi Fischer scored 3 times in the loss for the Boilers.


Maine East 12 Lockport 6

Chrisavgi Kotsifas registered 7 scores as East defeated Lockport 12-6.


Jones-Payton 6 Waubonsie Valley 5

Dallas Brodersen tallied 2 scores as the Lady Eagles edged Waubonsie Valley 6-5.


Meadows 10 Lincoln Park 7

Maggie Goodwin recorded 7 goals to help lead the Mustangs to a 10-7 win over Lincoln Park. Caroline Caruso and Jordan Onweller each scored 3 times in the loss for LP.


Loyola 11 Bradley 1

Lauren Voss tallied 3 scores to lead the Ramblers past Bradley 11-1.




Naperville Central 16 York 3

Rylee Brower recorded 6 goals while Emily Wagner, Jenny Desch and Jodie Nelson each scored 2 times as the Redhawks defeated York 16-3. Artemis Siavelis, Marissa Logan and Moleigh Waldherr each scored one goal in the losing effort.


St Ignatius 4 Homewood-Flossmoor 3

Danika Chavez scored the game-winning goal with fifteen seconds remaining as the Wolfpack outlasted the Vikings 4-3. Bryce Spearing, Carson Goldrick and Fern Oliveiri also scored once in the win. Abigail Guerrero tallied 2 goals and Gabrielle Paloma scored once in the loss for H-F.


Sandburg 11 Fremd 4

Tara Maher registered 7 goals to help lead the Eagles past Fremd 11-4. Sofia Kuehn scored 2 times in the loss for the Vikings.


Mother McAuley 15 Mundelein 3

MAddie Schultz scored 5 times and Jill Schultz scored 4 goals as the Mighty Macs jumped out to an 8-0 lead en route to a 12-3 victory over Mundelein. Abbie Lukas scored 2 goals in the loss for the Mustangs.


Naperville Central 12 St Ignatius 3

Rylee Brower scored 6 goals to lead the Redhawks past St Ignatius 12-3.


Naperville Central 17 Homewood-Flossmoor 3

Rylee Brower registered 8 goals and Charlotte Albright notched 3 scores in the Redhawks' 17-3 victory over H-F. DeAvion Hughes notched 2 scores in the loss for the Vikings.


Sandburg 8 Mundelein 5

Nicole Manuel scored 3 times and Tara Maher scored 2 goals in the Eagles' 8-5 win over Mundelein. Abbie Lukas and Carolyn Westgate both scored 2 goals in the losing effort.


Mother McAuley 14 Fremd 3

Jill Schultz and Maddie Schultz both scored 4 goals and Becky Schofield notched 2 scores in the Mighty Macs' 14-3 victory over Fremd.


York 5 St Ignatius 1

Marissa Logan recorded 3 goals to help lift York over St Ignatius 5-1. Georgia Goldrick scored the lone goal in the loss for the Wolfpack.


Mundelein 13 Fremd 5

Abbie Lukas totaled 7 scores and Ella Krauss scored 4 times in the Mustangs' 13-5 triumph over Fremd.


York 11 Homewood-Flossmoor 4

Moleigh Waldherr recorded 6 goals and Maddie Fitzpatrick scored 2 goals as the Dukes defeated H-F 11-4. Abigail Guerrero scored 2 goals in the loss for the Vikings.


Mother McAuley 15 Sandburg 2

Jill Schultz tallied 5 scores, Maddie Schultz scored 4 times and both Becky Schofield and Kate Fischer put in 2 goals as the Mighty Macs defeated Sandburg 15-2.


Fremd 3 Homewood-Flossmoor 2

Lauren Streitmatter scored the game-tying goal in regulation and scored the game-winner in overtime as Fremd outlasted H-F 3-2.


Mundelein 9 St Ignatius 1

Abbie Lukas scored 5 times and Ella Krauss netted 4 scores as the Mustangs earned a 9-1 victory over St Ignatius. Georgia Goldrick notched one score in the losing effort.


Sandburg 7 York 4

Ashley Asiddao scored 3 goals and Natalie Barkowski scored 2 times in the Eagles' 7-4 win over York.


Mother McAuley 11 NC 6

Maddie Schultz recorded 5 goals and both Jill Mueller and Jill Schultz scored 2 times as the Mighty Macs defeated Naperville Central 11-6 to win the event. Rylee Brower and Payton DeZur scored 2 goals in the loss for the hosts.




Naperville North 12 Lincoln-Way Central 6

Alli Horn and Isabelle Rocco both scored 4 goals in the Huskies' 12-6 win over LWC. Maddie Clark, Megan Cales and Madi Jager each scored 2 goals in the losing effort.


Lincoln-Way Central 11 Neuqua Valley 2

Megan Cales registered 4 scores and both Jackie McGuire and Sierra Maze scored 2 times in the Knights' 11-2 win over Neuqua Valley. Michaela Johnson and Rebecca Gray both scored once in the loss for the Wildcats.


Lincoln-Way Central 6 New Trier 3

Caroline Heathcock and Megan Cales each tallied 2 scores in the Knights' 6-3 win over New trier. Kasey Unlauf, Leah Caywood and Lilly Gaechter each scored once in the losing effort.


New Trier 14 Neuqua Valley 1

Emily McKenzie and Megan Frentzel both scored 4 goals to lead the Trevians past Neuqua Valley 14-1. Amy Lesniak scored the lone goal in the loss for the Wildcats.


Naperville North 8 New Trier 7

Taylor Wessel recorded 4 goals and Isabelle Rocco netted 3 scores as the Huskies edged New Trier 8-7.




STC North 9 Buffalo Grove 1

Isabelle Sullivan netted 4 goals while Lexi Coakley made 9 saves as the North Stars opened their event with a 9-1 win over BG. Anna DeVries, Hannah Springer and Olivia Traxler each scored 2 times as well for the winners.




Lyons 12 Whitney Young 4

Kaysie Stuba registered 4 goals, Hanna Good scored 3 times and Grace Wantuck made 11 saves in the Lions' 12-4 victory over the Dolphins.


Oak Park 15 Kelly 8

Mary Vanek registered 3 scores and Sydney Mosher made 9 saves as the Huskies earned a 15-8 win over Kelly on Saturday.


Lyons 12 Lincoln-Way East 7

Kaysie Stuba recorded 9 goals, Hanna Good scored 2 times and Rhyan Komsthoeft added one score as the Lions knocked off LWE 12-7. Grace Wantuck also made 7 saves for the winners.


Oak Park 6 Evanston 5

Bennett Gloor and Mary Vanek each tallied 2 scores and Sydney Mosher stopped 8 shots as OPRF earned a 6-5 victory over Evanston.


Lyons 10 Oak Park 3

Kaysie Stuba notched 5 scores, Hanna Good put in 3 goals and Grace Wantuck stopped 6 shots as LT won the event after beating OPRF 10-3. Bennett Gloor, Greta Drane and Mary Vanek each scored once in the loss for the Huskies.









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