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Boys Semifinal #2


Game Summary - Recap








    1 2 3 4 Total  
  Fenwick 7 9 4 2 22 F
  Sandburg 2 0 4 4 10  







    Game Information
  Starting Lineup
  Fenwick Pos
  Matt Napleton GK
  Brian Barron UT
  Andrew McKernin UT
  Chris Wendt UT
  Craig Borkovec DR
  Dan Barron DR
  Will Schulenberg C










Last Scoring Play:

SAND - Siemeck 2m goal; 22-9 Fenwick


  Starting Lineup


  Robert Pozdol GK
  Max Kryzminski UT
  Joe Kamper UT
  Jake Jenkot UT
  Chris Bonavolanto DR
  Jordan Derbas DR
  Cody Siemeck C



7:00 Fenwick wins the swim-off

6:15 B. Barron with a goal from 2m gets Fenwick on the board first

6:10 Napleton with his first save

5:59 Borkovec drives to the left post and Wendt assists him on a goal to make the score 2-0

5:30 Napleton makes two straight saves for Fenwick

5:11 Pozdol with a block on B. Barron's outside shot attempt

4:30 B. Barron makes a steal on the defensive end; Wendt connects from 5m on a goal

3:34 McKernin with a steal; assists Wendt on a goal from the right win on the counter

3:19 Kryzminski scores at 2m to put the Eagles on the scoreboard

3:00 Fenwick draws an ejection and D. Barron assists Borkovec on a goal from inside 5m

2:30 Napleton makes a save; Borkovec shoots over the net; Napleton comes out of the net for a steal

1:57 Wendt draws an ejection; then assists Borkovec on his third goal from the left post

1:40 Siemeck gets open at 2m and delivers to cut the lead to 6-2

1:10 Napleton with a save on an outside shot by Sandburg

0:25 McKernin draws a penalty shot and Wendt connects on the shot to make the score 7-2

END OF QUARTER 1 - Fenwick 7 Sandburg 2


7:00 Fenwick wins the swim-off; McKernin scores on Fenwick's first possession

6:15 After a steal, Wendt gets open on the counterattack to add his fourth goal of the game

5:56 Wendt turns his defender at 2m and draws a penalty; he converts to make the score 10-2

5:45 Sandburg with a steal; Napleton makes a save on Kamper's outside shot attempt

4:55 McKernin assists B. Barron on a goal from the left post; 11-2 Fenwick

4:30 Wendt blocks a shot by Kamper out-of-bounds

4:00 Wendt draws a penalty and scores on the shot for his sixth goal of the half

3:50 Napleton makes a save but Kryzminski gets to the loose ball; Fenwick forces a turnover

2:26 McKernin with a steal and an assist on a counterattack goal by D. Barron

1:10 Wendt scores on a breakaway chance, assisted by McKernin

1:00 Borkovec assists Will Rigali on the counterattack for Fenwick

0:30 B. Barron scores at 2m late in the first half

END OF QUARTER 2 - Fenwick 16 Sandburg 2


7:00 Fenwick wins the swim-off; Pozdol makes a save on Fenwick's first possession

6:20 Siemeck scores from the left side to cut the lead to 16-3

6:00 Siemeck with a steal; Napleton makes his seventh save and starts the counterattack

5:30 Wendt records his eight goal from 2m

5:00 Joe Ahern hits the crossbar after a Fenwick steal on the defensive end

3:40 Bonovalonto draws an ejection; Napleton with a save on Kryzminski's shot from the wing

3:16 Napleton makes his ninth save on a shot by Kamper; Kryzminski eventually scores from 5m

2:50 Wendt responds with a goal from 2m

2:20 After an ejection, Napleton knocks down his tenth save of the game and starts the counter

2:14 B. Barron scores from the left side to make the score 19-4

2:00 D. Barron assists B. Barron on a drive to the left post; 20-4 Fenwick

1:16 Kryzminski assists Jenkot on a goal from the right wing after an ejection

1:00 Borkovec and D. Barron team up to make a steal; D. Barron hits the post from 7m

0:15 Siemeck tips a shot past Napleton at 2m after an ejection

END OF QUARTER 3 - Fenwick 20 Sandburg 6


7:00 Fenwick wins the swim-off; neither team scores on their first two possessions

5:27 Napleton elevates to make a save on an outside shot by Sandburg

5:25 Sandburg timeout

5:00 Rigali makes a steal and drives down to score an unassisted goal

4:24 Sandburg timeout

4:00 After an ejection, Peter Skrzypek scores from inside 5m to make the score 21-7

3:20 Siemeck scores from 2m out for the Eagles

2:10 Pozdol tips a shot over the goal as Fenwick retains possession

2:02 Greg Ryan draws an ejection then a penalty shot for Fenwick and converts the shot

1:30 Siemeck gets open at 2m to score for Sandburg

0:41 Sandburg timeout

0:20 Bonovalonto scores from 5m out for Sandburg

END OF QUARTER 4 - Fenwick 22 Sandburg 10

 Top Performers


Chris Wendt-9 goals

B. Barron-5 goals

Craig Borkovec-3 goals

W. Rigali-2 goals

D. Barron, A. McKernin, Greg Ryan-1 goal

Matt Napleton-11 saves


Cody Siemeck-5 goals

Max Kryzminski-2 goals

Jake Jenkot, Peter Skrzypek-1 goal

Robert Pozdol-6 saves

 Boys State Quarterfinals Matchups


Game 1: Naperville Central 4 Stevenson 3
Game Center


Game 2: Glenbrook South 7 Lyons 6
Game Center


Game 3: Sandburg 6 York 2
Game Center


Game 4: Fenwick 22 Schaumburg 7
Game Center


Boys Semifinal #1: Naperville Central 12 GBS 4
Game Center


Boys Semifinal #2: Fenwick 22 Sandburg 10
Game Center

 Boys State Finals Schedule

  Saturday, May 15, 2008

  Naperville Central 12 GBS 4

  Fenwick 22 Sandburg 10

  Consolation game - GBS 7 Sandburg 6

  Championship game - Fenwick 10 Naperville Central 5 - Celebrating 6 Years Online!

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