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May 14, 2013

The 2013 State Tournament Weekend Guide

By Aaron Brown


The 2013 state tournament is just a few days away. This guide will hopefully shed some light on the ins and outs of this upcoming weekend at Stevenson High School for fans, parents, coaches, and players who are interested in making it out to see some of the most important games of the 2013 water polo season:


State Tournament Coverage
There are a variety of ways to find out what is happening this weekend at the state water polo tournament. will provide live play-by-play and live score updates on the web site and will also post updates via Twitter. IHSA TV provides a stream of the games, with the web link accessible from the web site. Of course, you could always attend the games in person; you can find out more information about the actual event below:


State Tournament Location

The state tournament takes place at Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, IL. The venue features an all-deep, eight-lane pool with an additional shallow-end area. Seating is on one side of the facility but there is normally an ample amount of space available (though it is advisable to arrive early to get a good seat, as some of the open seats will find you sitting in front of the unused shallow pool and turning your head).


A concession stand is provided and there is a large lobby area with tables and chairs for use before, during, and after games for players and fans alike.


The surrounding area of Lincolnshire makes for an ideal location to host an event, as there are a variety of hotels, restaurants, and other places available to those making a weekend of the festivities. I'm no TripAdvisor, but they rank the hotels within a two-mile radius of the school as such:


State Tournament Hotels

1) Hampton Inn

2) Courtyard by Marriott

3) Homewood Suites

4) SpringHill Suites

5) Linconshire Marriott Resort

6) Staybridge Suites


I prefer the Hampton Inn due to its' proximity to restaurants within walking distance, such as Champps, Red Robin, Starbucks, etc. and it's cost below $100/night. The Marriott Resort is the fanciest but is also the most expensive. The rest of the list looks decent enough.


State Tournament Dining

Let me get this out of the way. If you are heading to the area and have time for lunch, stop in Buffalo Grove and eat at the Portillo's a few miles away. Boom. All your problems solved!


Aside from that, here are some options for your best dining experience while at the event:



1) Walker Bros.

2) Egg Harbor Cafe

3) Whatever free breakfast the hotel offers

4) Whichever coffee place you prefer



1) Red Robin

3) Cheesecake Factory

4) Big Bowl

5) Noodles & Co.



1) Wild Fire

2) Champps

3) Cubby Bear North

4) Kona Grill


There are other options just outside of the city limits, but you can figure those out with a GPS or whatever device you use. Just down the street, technically in Buffalo Grove, is a Jewel grocery store, Wendy's, Michael's Red Hots, and so on. I'm not from the area but have done this trip for 10+ years so I'm kinda, sorta just telling you what I might do.


State Tournament Fees

The cost per ticket for each session of the state tournament is $8.


The sessions are listed as Thursday’s quarterfinals (girls), Friday’s quarterfinals (boys), Saturday’s semifinal round, and Saturday’s trophy round. That means that if you attend all four sessions, you would pay a total of $32.


The balcony is cleared between the semifinals and finals, so anyone attending will have to pay for a separate ticket for each session. There is an hour-and-a-half break between Saturday’s sessions.


The fees and sessions are dictated by the IHSA, while those selling tickets and admitting entrance to the facility are just volunteers, so any issues/complaints regarding the cost of tickets should not be directed at those donating their time to help Stevenson High School run a smooth event.


Upcoming Updates

-State Tournament Game Previews (Wednesday)

-Players to Watch: State Tournament Edition (Wednesday)

-State Tournament Coverage (Thursday-Saturday)

-Final Rankings (Sunday)

-State Tournament Ballers & Super Ballers (Sunday)

-All State Teams (Tuesday)

-All Illpolo Teams (Monday-Wednesday) Postseason Awards (Thursday)



Donations (including sponsorships and advertising) are a helpful way to keep going strong. The site is a voluntary endeavor that attempts to provide the best water polo coverage possible, so please consider helping keep the site afloat by making a generous donation if you enjoy the free coverage. Also keep in mind that the site is once again nearing the one MILLION page view mark for a three-month season, so a donation (that can also include an ad on the site) might be a positive way to spread the word about your respective club, team, business, etc. while ensuring players get recognized and information about IL high school water polo is always available. Click the following link for more information on how to donate.


Best of luck in the postseason and beyond,

Aaron Brown





















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