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By Aaron Brown


The following article appeared in the November/December edition of The NISCA Journal


As a parent, I am constantly exploring the athletic and artistic options for my two young sons. My background as a swimmer, water polo player and triathlete has me thinking of all the great things those aquatic sports have provided and has me itching to create more opportunities for them and anyone else who may not have the opportunity to compete like I once did.


We currently live in a rural area where the school population is between 200-300 students, there is no pool, no swim team and no water polo team. In fact, the closest water polo options are probably at least one hour away while the nearest swim team is probably a 30-minute drive. A few locals have had the opportunity to train with a "nearby" high school team and compete unattached at various swim meets, but there are obviously many hurdles to overcome in order to participate in these aquatic sports.


No offense to the "usual" sports offered where we live like baseball, basketball and soccer, but I would prefer that my sons also have the opportunity to swim and play water polo. As I sat down to write an article about it, I decided I should try make a quick list to figure out some immediate options and see if the NISCA audience could add a few more options for my children and others just like them. Here are the few options I have come up with:


1. Neighborhood 3-on-3 water polo tournament

2. Volunteer program at YMCA

3. Start a club team

4. Free agent tournaments

5. Join a neighborhood team as a "ringer" or get special approval to participate

6. Travel long distances to join a current club

7. Attend as many camps as possible


Can you think of any other options? Send an e-mail to if you would like to comment and possibly be included in a future article.




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