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Boys State Championship

Fenwick 8 Naperville Central 7 (Final)

May 14, 2005



-Li wins the swimoff, Jones makes a steal, Baldwin draws a kickout

-Baldwin hits the post on a lob and Stein slaps it out to Alberts to prevent a goal

-Bell fires over the net with 5:48 left in the first period

-Parolin hits the crossbar from outside four meters

-Baldwin with a steal, Ryden hits the crossbar with 4:49 left

-Li draws an ejection on Baldwin, Leclair scores from outside seven to give Central a 1-0 lead

-Scott Fleming makes it 2-0 with an outside shot

-Grusecki gets inside on the right post on a powerplay but his shot just misses the right corner

-Parolin makes a steal and Melnyk assists Grusecki with a goal to cut the lead in half (2:50)

-Melnyk ties the game from the right side, assisted by Parolin

-Bell hits the post with 1:24 remaining in the first period

-Baldwin gives Fenwick their first lead with 1:06 to play on a powerplay goal from the left side

-Jones lunges to his left to make a save on Luth's shot from two meters out

-Stein comes out of the net to make a steal with 0:41 seconds left in the first

-Luth ties it with 0:20 to go with a two meter shot, assisted by Leclair

-Stein denies a sweep shot by Calderon at the end of the first period

Fenwick 3 Naperville Central 3



-Li wins the swimoff, Melnyk steals the two meter entry pass

-Fenwick turnover, Lambka drives in but Melnyk and Baldwin team up to cause a steal by Jones

-Leclair knocks an entry pass back to Stein

-Lambka's skip shot hits the crossbar and Jones assists Parolin on a breakaway goal

-Jones makes a save on Bell's outside shot, Stein denies Calderon from in front

-Lambka draws a kickout, Jones knocks Luth's shot out of bounds

-Jones makes a diving save on Bell's outside shot, Lambka picks it up but Fenwick gets the turnover

-Bell steals a pass on a powerplay for Fenwick to keep Central within one

-Jones comes out of the net to make a steal with 3:20 to play in the half

-Calderon draws a four meter penalty and Melnyk hits the left corner to make it 5-3

-Lambka draws an ejection and Naperville Central take a timeout

-Lambka converts from outside seven meters to cut the lead to one with 2:46 left in the first half

-Stein makes a save on Baldwin's shot from the left wing

-Bell with a steal, Fenwick causes a turnover with 1:00 to go

-Jones shoots wide right at the end of the half

Fenwick 5 Naperville Central 4



-Baldwin wins the swimoff, Barrett draws a kickout, Stein denies a shot by Melnyk on the powerplay

-Li draws a kickout, Leclair scores a powerplay goal from Alberts to tie the game at 5-5

-Barrett scores a powerplay goal from the right post, assisted by Baldwin with 5:04 in the third

-Stein makes a save on Barrett's outside shot

-Bell hits the left post from four meters out, Calderon's shot knocked out by Stein

-Stein denies a shot from point blank range by Parolin, Stein ejected

-Fenwick's powerplay shot hits the crossbar and Bell swims it to the corner

-Baldwin's shot just crosses the line to give the Friars a 7-5 lead late in the period

-Grusecki shoots over the net with 1:22 left

-Lambka draws an ejection, Bell's shot is knocked down by Jones but Drew Smith puts in the rebound goal

-Parolin hits the left post with 0:22 seconds left on a powerplay

-Lullo's outside shot is knocked out of bounds by Jones with :08 seconds left

Fenwick 7 Naperville Central 6



-Li wins the swimoff, Parolin steals the two meter entry pass

-Stein comes out of the net to stop Barrett's potential shot in front

-Calderon and Bell double ejected, Fenwick wins the jump ball

-Luth with a steal, offensive foul called on Central

-Stein saves Calderon's outside shot, Leclair draws an ejection

-Jones saves a shot from the corner by Leclair

-Calderon catches and shoots from two meters but his shot goes wide right

-Jones stops Luth's shot on a drive with 4:10 to play

-Parolin draws an ejection, Lambka with a field block on Melnyk's shot

-Luth scores a two meter goal with 3:20 left as Fenwick takes a timeout

-Luth with a field block on Barrett's shot

-Melnyk assists Baldwin on a drive to give Fenwick an 8-7 lead with 2:39 remaining

-Stein comes out to pick up a loose ball as Bell hits Barrett from behind

-Bell draws an ejection and Central calls timeout with 2:14 to play

-Jones makes a powerplay save out of bounds, Lambka shoots over the goal with 1:52 to go

-Melnyk's shot falls into Stein's hands with 1:10 to go, Baldwin causes a turnover on a drive

-Leclair shoots from left flat and scores, but an offensive foul is called away from the ball and the goal is disallowed

-Fenwick runs out the clock to get the 8-7 win

Fenwick 8 Naperville Central 7


























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