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Game Recap - Lyons 13 Fenwick 10

By Aaron Brown

April 13, 2012


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GAME RECAP (Friday, April 13)
Oak Park, IL - 4:30pm



Fenwick vs Lyons


Players Mentioned

Mackenzie Bonk (G)

Alexa Ovalle

Cara Borkovec

Colleen Barron

Haley Wickham

Maggie Sheehan

Maureen Barron

Olivia Wendt

Paige Kohut


Players Mentioned

Tegan Moore (G)

Blair Hopwood

Carly Strass

Carrie Nacht

Claire Curran

Kirby Kaptur

Lizzy Kosin

Molly McDonnell

Sam Patel



Moore and Bonk each force turnovers to stall out the first possession of both teams

Bonk comes out of the crease to steal a 2m entry pass

Ovalle delivers the opening goal for the Friars from outside 5m

Patel assists Kaptur on a goal from the left side during a 6-on-5 chance

M. Barron finds Ovalle open inside 4m and she nets her second to put Fenwick ahead

After the teams trade possessions, LT forces a turnover and turns it into a breakaway chance...

...and Kosin gets on the board from said breakaway to tie the game at 2-2

Moore denies C. Barron on a 6-on-5, but Fenwick recovers and Ovalle draws an ejection...

...and Wickham scores from 5m, assisted by C. Barron

Kosin with a steal, passes ahead to Curran...

...who finds Carrie Nacht driving towards the goal and she scores to tie the game at 3-3

C. Barron smashes the crossbar with a shot at the buzzer

End of Period 1 - Fenwick 3 Lyons 3



Wickham fires over the goal on Fenwick's first possession

Bonk earns a steal to stop LT's first chance

Ovalle passes from right to left and finds M. Barron, who puts Fenwick back on top 4-3

Patel with a steal, waits patiently before starting the Lions' offense...

...and it pays off as Kaptur scores with a sweep shot from 4m!

Kaptur forces a turnover and draws a penalty shot...

...which she converts to give the Lions their first lead!

Kosin hits the crossbar from 9m out

LT with a stop, then Curran makes it 6-4 after Kaptur drew an ejection

C. Barron hits the crossbar again and LT gains possession

Curran shoots over the goal

M. Barron misfires over as time expires in the first half

End of Period 2 - Lyons 6 Fenwick 4



Curran draws an ejection, then Kosin finds Kaptur open on the left side...

...and the senior slides a shot inside the left corner to make it 7-4

Hopwood draws a kickout and Kosin scores from the left side

Hopwood scores from the left side in transition...

...and LT has scored three in a row to start the half

Moore tips a shot by Borkovec off the bar and Kaptur grabs the loose ball

After a Fenwick stop, Sheehan scores on a breakaway to stop the Lions' run

Bonk makes a steal, but Kaptur prevents the counterattack with a steal of her own

Ovalle assists M. Barron on a 2-on-1 opportunity after a steal to make it 9-6

Strass draws an ejection and Kosin scores again from the left side

C. Barron sets to Borkovec on the left post...

...and she scores from that spot to make it 10-7

Moore blocks a 7m shot attempt by the Friars

Ovalle draws an ejection and C. Barron scores from 4m to make it 10-8

Bonk denies Kosin's chance from 4m

Moore elevates to block Borkovec's shot from the right post

End of Period 3 - Lyons 10 Fenwick 8



Moore makes an early save on Borkovec's quick shot

Kaptur fights for position and scores from the right post

Borkovec gets to a rebound on the other end and draws an ejection...

...and Fenwick converts, with C. Barron finding M. Barron for the goal

Curran draws an ejection...

...and Nacht scores quickly to put LT ahead 12-9

McDonnell forces a turnover at 2m

Kosin is guarded closely at 4m but her overhead toss creeps in to make it 13-9!

M. Barron assists Borkovec on a breakaway goal

Moore comes out to make a steal to prevent a 3-on-2 chance for the Friars

Bonk makes a save in the final minute, but Borkovec's next shot goes over the goal...

...and Lyons can run out the clock to earn the victory

End of Period 4 - Lyons 13 Fenwick 10



Fenwick - Kaptur (5), Kosin (4), Nacht (2), Curran, Hopwood

Lyons - M. Barron (3), Borkovec (2), Ovalle (2), C. Barron, Sheehan, Wickham





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