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York 13 McHenry 6

Carson Hicks and Isaac Marlott each totaled 3 scores as the Dukes defeated McHenry 13-6. Tyler Hemphill put in 3 scores in the loss for the Warriors.


Barrington 8 Maine West 7

Steven Fischer and Payton Muhs each scored 2 goals as the Broncos edged Maine West 8-7.


York 14 Maine West 2

Carson Hicks scored 3 goals to help lift the Dukes over Maine West 14-2.


McHenry 9 Barrington 8

Riley Hedberg scored 4 times and Jonah Smith netted 3 scores in the Warriors' 9-8 win over the hosts. Steven Fischer tallied 3 scores in the loss for the Broncos.


McHenry 14 Maine West 11

Jonah Smith scored 5 goals and Tyler Hemphill netted 4 scores as McHenry defeated Maine West 14-11.


Barrington 8 York 7

Steven Fischer netted 5 goals to help the Broncos fend off York 8-7 in the final game of the event. Isaac Marlott and Will Salek each scored 2 times in the loss for the Dukes, who trailed 5-0 early and came back to tie the game at 7-7 before the hosts sealed the win with a crucial late goal.




Fenwick 8 Strake 5
Payton Comstock scored 6 goals in the Friars' 8-5 victory over Strake.

Fenwick 16 Parkway South 4
Payton Comstock recorded 8 goals, Wil Gurski scored 3 times and Dan Bajda scored 2 times as the Friars knocked off Parkway South 16-4.

Fenwick 10 Parkway West 5
Payton Comstock registered 3 scores and Nate Fisher put in 2 goals in the Friars' 10-5 win over Parkway West.

Fenwick 15 Lindbergh 6
Ivan Soto, Nate Fisher 3 and Payton Comstock each scored 3 goals as the Friars' beat Lindbergh 15-6.

SLUH 6 Fenwick 4
Payton Comstock tallied 2 scores and Manny Ruiz blocked 9 shots in the loss for the visitors.




Hersey 15 Maine East 1

Misha Nikiforav scored 6 goals, Michael Petro notched 2 scores and Nick Koutris scored 2 times as the Huskies opened their own event with a 15-1 victory over Maine East.


Hersey 12 Warren 2

Misha Nikiforav registered 5 goals while the trio of Jack Blumenfeld, Nick Koutris and RJ Quinn each put in 2 scores as the Huskies earned a 12-2 victory over Warren.


Hersey 12 Oak Park 11

Jack Casey scored 5 goals and Misha Nikiforav added 4 scores as the Huskies earned a 12-11 comeback win over Oak Park to win their own tournament on Saturday. The hosts trailed 7-2 after the opening quarter before mounting a title-winning comeback over the Huskies.




St Rita 11 Lafayette 3

Chris Jimenez and Daniel Burns both recorded 4 goals as the Mustangs earned an 11-3 victory over Lafayette.


St Rita 13 Oakville 3

Nate Cruz registered 5 goals and Daniel Burns netted 4 scores in the Mustangs' 13-3 win over Oakville.


St Rita 8 MICDS 6

Daniel Burns and Nate Cruz both scored 3 goals and Chris Jimenez added 2 scores as the Mustangs beat MICDS.


St Rita 8 Clayton 1

Daniel Burns scored 3 goals and John Pigott made 13 saves as the Mustangs beat Clayton 8-1 to advance to the event's title game on Saturday night.




Friday Night Recap

The hosts, LWC and Naperville North each went 2-0 on Friday night to advance to the first place group on Saturday. BG, GBS and Mundelein all went 1-1 and will play for fourth place, while HC, Schaumburg and Stagg will play in the seventh-place group beginning on Saturday morning at Naperville North.


Saturday Afternoon Recap

The Redhawks earned wins over LWC and Naperville Central to win their own event on Saturday. LWC got past Naperville North 9-7 to finish in second place while the Huskies finished in third. Buffalo Grove beat both GBS and Mundelein to finish fourth at the event while the Mustangs got past GBS 6-5 to finish in fifth place.



Jones-Payton 8 Taft 5

Tunch Ozyurt scored 4 goals and Leo Redican made 11 saves in the Eagles' 8-5 victory over Taft.


Jones-Payton 6 Argo 2

Jafet Reyes scored 2 times and Leo Redican stopped 11 shots as the Eagles knocked off Argo 6-2.


Jones-Payton 4 Mt Carmel 2

Jafet Reyes scored 2 goals and Leo Redican blocked 12 shots as the Eagles outlasted Mt Carmel 4-2 to win the Shepard Tournament.




Fremd 12 STC East 1

Derek Warnstedt recorded 5 goals and Sebastian Lekas scored 2 times as the Vikings defeated STC East 12-1 on Saturday morning.


Waubonsie Valley 12 Highland Park 11

Christian Zielinski scored 5 goals and Quentin Tiscareno recorded 4 scores as the Warriors knocked off HP 12-11 on Saturday.


Fremd 9 Latin 5

Derek Warnstedt scored 4 goals and Shashwat Viswanath made 13 saves in the Vikings' 9-5 victory over Latin.


Fremd 7 Waubonsie Valley 6

Derek Warnstedt scored 3 goals, Sebastian Lekas added 2 scores and Christian Zukowski made 9 saves as the Vikings edged Waubonsie Valley 7-6 on Saturday afternoon. James Steininger and Sean Warner also scored one goal apiece for the winners.


Fremd 6 Highland Park 0

Derek Warnstedt tallied 3 scores, Sebastian Lekas netted 2 scores and Christian Zukowski made 8 saves as the Vikings beat HP 6-0 to finish 4-0 at the event.











Evanston 9 Palatine 0

Grace King, Hailey Seed and Sydney Hollingsworth each scored 2 goals in the Wildkits' 9-0 shutout win over Palatine. Cailin Reiss made 11 saves in the loss for the hosts.


LWE 12 Prospect 7

Meghan Fisher scored 3 goals as the Griffins earned a 12-7 victory over Prospect. Colleen Doyle tallied 3 scores in the loss for the Knights.


Evanston 11 Maine South 2

Hailey Seed netted 4 scores and Sydney Hollingsworth scored 3 goals as the Wildkits knocked off Maine South 11-2.


STC North 8 Conant 4

Jules Engessen, Olivia Traxler (5 ejections drawn) and Anna DeVries (7 steals) each scored 2 goals while Lexi Coakley made 11 saves and blocked a penalty shot in the North Stars' 8-4 win over Conant. Nia Tsoulos scored 2 times in the loss for the Cougars.


Maine South 8 Palatine 7

Nicky Rafalo scored 4 goals as the Hawks edged Palatine 8-7. Caitlin Nelson and Maggie O'Brien each put in 3 scores while Cailin Reiss stopped 10 shots in the loss for the Pirates.


Prospect 4 STC North 4

Colleen Doyle scored 2 goals for the Knights while Jules Engessen netted 2 scores for the North Stars as the teams ended the night in a 4-4 draw.


Neuqua Valley 10 Palatine 10

Natalia Koval recorded 5 goals and Maggie O'Brien scored 4 times for Palatine while Rebecca Gray scored 2 times as the Pirates and Wildcats tied at 10-10 in the opening contest on Saturday at Palatine.


Prospect 10 Neuqua Valley 4

Colleen Doyle notched 4 scores and Caitlin Broz scored 3 goals as the Knights ended the weekend with a 10-4 victory over Neuqua Valley.


Conant 10 Palatine 4

Olivia Olszewski scored 5 goals, Nia Tsoulos tallied 2 scores and Lauren Day made 7 saves to help the Cougars get past Palatine 10-4 in the event's fifth-place game.


STC North 9 Maine South 1

Maddy Feddor scored 3 goals and Lexi Coakley made 9 saves in the North Stars' 9-1 victory over Maine South. Anna DeVries, Jules Engessen and Olivia Traxler each scored 2 times as well for the winners, who claimed a third-place finish at the event.


Lincoln-Way East 7 Evanston 5

Caitlin Meagher, Emma Hernandez and Meghan Fisher each scored 2 goals to lead the Griffins to a 7-5 victory over Evanston in the title game of the Palatine Tournament. Hernandez earned tournament MVP honors as the winners went 4-0 over the weekend. Neha Singh scored 3 goals and Sydney Hollingsworth added 2 scores in the loss for the Wildkits.




Naperville Central 16 Forest Hills 0
Rylee Brower recorded 9 goals and both Emma Guccione and Charlotte Albright scored 2 times in the Redhawks' 16-0 shutout win over Forest Hills.

Naperville Central 13 Rockford 6
Rylee Brower totaled 8 goals, Emma Guccione scored 2 times and Jodie Nelson dished out 4 assists as the Redhawks beat Rockford 13-6. Maria Gabrielli also made 5 saves for the victors.




Mundelein 10 Fremd 3
Abbie Lukas recorded 6 goals and both Adry Kasemets and Ella Krauss scored 2 times in the Mustangs' 10-3 triumph over Fremd. Hannah Stanley also made 7 saves for the winners.

LWC 7 Oak Park 5
Nell Behr registered 3 goals, Mary Vanek netted 2 scores and Sydney Mosher made 9 saves in the losing effort.

Mundelein 8 Oak Park 3
Abbie Lukas scored 6 goals and Hannah Stanley made 7 saves as the Mustangs earned an 8-3 win over OPRF. Mary Vanek scored 2 times and Sydney Mosher made 5 saves in the loss for the Huskies.

LWC 8 Mundelein 5
Abbie Lukas scored 4 times and Hannah Stanley stopped 5 shots in the loss for the hosts.

Oak Park 8 Fremd 6
Nell Behr recorded 3 goals, Bennett Gloor tallied 2 scores and Sydney Mosher stopped 7 shots in the Huskies' 8-6 victory over Fremd.




Sandburg 8 York 7

Bella Wrobel totaled 4 scores, Tara Maher put in 2 scores and Emma Crnich made 10 saves as the Eagles beat York 8-7.


Sandburg 7 Andrew 1

Nicole Devine scored 3 times and Emma Crnich made 8 saves in the Eagles' 7-1 victory over Andrew.


Sandburg 9 Naperville North 8 (OT)

Bella Wrobel scored the game-winning goal in overtime as the Eagles won the York Tourney after a 9-8 victory over Naperville North.









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