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Fenwick 10 St Ignatius 5

Q1: Ramses Flores, Dan Lynch and Payton Comstock each scored once in the opening period as Fenwick took a 3-1 lead into the first break.


Q2: Conor Shannon cut the Fenwick lead to 3-2 and Jimmy Howarth made three solid saves to keep the Wolfpack within one, but Comstock added his second score midway through the period. Ivan Soto scored his first goal of the contest after an ejection and a timeout, then assisted Comstock on the next trip down the pool to give Fenwick a 6-2 advantage heading into the final minute of the half. Alex Figus added his first score in the final minute of the quarter and Soto scored with :15 left on the clock as the Friars took a 8-2 lead into the break.


Q3: The teams played a scoreless three minutes after halftime until Moises Lopez finally put an end to the Friars 5-0 run with a goal from the right side. Comstock assisted Flores on a quick goal at the other end to increase the Fenwick lead to 9-3 late in the period. Soto added a goal in the final minute after a SICP  ejection as the Friars lead 10-3 with one quarter remaining.


Q4: Luke Hunneke scored in the opening minute of the period to cut Fenwick's lead to 10-4. A few minutes later, Michael Schiml trimmed the lead to 10-5 with 3:40 left in regulation. The Friars were successful in winding the clock down in the last few minutes to emerge with the 10-5 win over St Ignatius.




Lyons 7 Evanston 3

Q1: Victor Perez lit up the back on a penalty shot to give Lyons an early 1-0 lead. Cameron Cowan made a pair of saves on the other end to keep the Wildkits off the scoreboard. Henry Goodman made a key save on a shot from close-range to keep Evanston within one midway through the period. Max Zator connected on an outside shot with 2:36 left in the quarter to give LT a 2-0 advantage and Evanston calls a quick timeout to regroup. Cowan and Goodman each made a key save in the final two minutes of the period and the Lions' defense was able to earn two stops after ejections to take a 2-0 lead into the second quarter.


Q2: Bobby Bolan scored two straight goals to open the second period as Lyons pulled ahead 4-0. Perez scored his second penalty shot of the half to put LT ahead 5-0. Ben Coleman ended the Wildkits' drought on the other end to trim the lead to 5-1 midway through the quarter. Nathan Perkoski found the back of the net from the right side with 2:01 left in the half to cut the lead to 5-2.


Q3: Five minutes without a goal as the Lions still lead Evanston 5-2. The Lions drew an ejection with 1:43 left in the period and called a timeout. Neither team could score after an ejection in the last two minutes so they head to the final period with Lyons ahead 5-2.


Q4: Perez completed a hat trick with the first goal of the second half coming over one minute into the fourth quarter; Lyons leads 6-2. Perez added his fourth after the Lions made a stop after an ejection to make the score 7-2. Lucas Verrilli connected from the right side with under two minutes left in regulation to cut the Lyons lead to 7-3. The Lions were able to prevent any other attacks in the final minute to emerge with a 7-3 victory.




Conant 7 LWE 6

Q1: Alex Hirjoi delivered on an outside shot from 5m to give Conant an early 1-0 lead. He followed up that effort by converting a penalty shot to put the Cougars on top 2-0. After trading several possessions with a few good chances, Hirjoi recorded his third goal of the period to give Conant a 3-0 lead after the first quarter.


Q2: Tyler Orloff scored the first of the game for the Griffins who have cut the Conant lead to 3-1. Bryan Cho responded quickly on the other end to give Conant a 4-1 advantage. Cho scores again from close range at the 3:03 mark as the Cougars have built a 5-1 lead over the Griffins. After a stop, Noah Lawson delivered from the right side to increase the lead to 6-1. Timeout LWE. Orloff assisted Ryan Utt on a counterattack goal to trim the lead to 6-2. Damian Ezell followed that up with a quick goal for East and the lead has been cut to 6-3.


Q3: Conant makes a stop and Cho scores on the counterattack to put Conant ahead 7-3. The Griffins were denied on a close-range attempt after an ejection midway through the period and the score stayed at 7-3. The Griffins added a key goal late in the period to cut the advantage to 7-4 with one quarter left to play.


Q4: The defenses have kept things on lockdown, while East's best chance from outside 5m was denied by Harris Dibek. Orloff connects with 2:57 left to play to make it a 7-5 game. Dibek makes another key stop at the 1:57 mark to keep Conant ahead by two. The Griffins' Ryan Utt converted in transition to cut the lead to 7-6 with :26 left in regulation. Conant ball, timeout with :19 left in the game. Steal by LWE and a timeout called with :08 left. The Cougars' made a steal and Dibek made a last-second stop and the Cougars hang on for a 7-6 win.




Naperville Central 12 Stevenson 6

Q1: Kent Emden made two saves in the opening minute and Bender Russo scored quickly after the second save to give Central an early 1-0 lead. After an ejection, Dominic May converted from the left side for the Redhawks to make the score 2-0. Charlie Day and Emden each made saves in the next minute after the goal and the score remains 2-2 with 2:15 left in the first period. May assisted Brad Sanford on Central's third goal and the Redhawks added another quick goal on their next trip down the pool to make the score 4-0 with 1:20 left in the first quarter. Stevenson timeout. After an ejection, Eric Osuch got Stevenson on the board with a rocket from 5m to trim the lead to 4-1. Central earned an ejection but were stopped, Day tried a long-distance attempt that Emden caught and fired back only to be denied by the crossbar.


Q2: AJ Corollo opened the second period scoring from 2m after an assist from Day and the Central lead is cut to 4-2. Sanford scores a rebound goal after Day got his hand on Central's initial shot attempt to make the score 5-2. Isaac Noren scored from the left side after an ejection in the final minute and Sanford added another quick goal before the half ended as the Redhawks lead has grown to 7-2 at the break.


Q3: Luke Klein-Collins drew an ejection and May converted from 5m to give Central an 8-2 lead early in the third period. Central added another goal at the 3:35 mark to make the score 9-2. Stevenson timeout. Nearing the final minute of the period, Sanford tacked on a goal to make the score 10-2. Stevenson drew an ejection soon after and called a timeout with 1:11 remaining in Q3. Collin Kapecki scored after the timeout to trim the Central lead to 10-3. On the other end, Lucas Nervig found the back of the net with :20 left and Emden scored at the buzzer from his own end to make the score 12-3 heading into the final period.


Q4: Justin Ginsberg scored quickly on the Patriots' first possession to cut the lead to 12-4. Drew Wangard scored another for Stevenson after a stop to make the score 12-5. Wangard added his second score of the period to make the score 12-6 with 2:37 remaining. Neither team could score down the stretch as the Redhawks advance to the semifinals with a 12-6 victory over Stevenson.









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