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2012 State Tournament 2012

Lincolnshire, IL

May 17, 2012









01-Matt Yaeger

1A-John Goetz

02-Jake Elias

03-Charlie Bentley

04-Jake Knowles

06-David Presz

07-Jacob Speechley

08-Chris Neylon

09-Shane McDevitt

10-Matt Olinski

11-Zach Trent

12-Louis Piccione

13-Mark Polke

15-Dan Rodriguez

17-Ian Mead

18-Dan Schaak

19-Dave Hir

20-Dan Szuba

21-Dan Oldendorf

24-Chris Formosa



01-Robbie O'Brien

1A-Steven Aranyi

02-Taylor Baretz

03-Daniel Budolak

04-Josh Weisberg

05-Evan Woodward

06-Jonathan McCullough

07-Alex Shkiler

08-Chris Hodges

09-Nick Koto

10-Remy Dalloul

11-Liam Holzer

12-Mitchell Sokolsky

13-Alex Divanyan

14-Ryan Klis

15-Evan Alioto

16-Harris Plofsky

18-Kevin Moy

19-Kyle Plotsky

20-Varun Mummadi

21-Hasan Khan



Teams are in the water for warmups. About 10 minutes until the game starts after a slight delay.

Teams are lined up for introductions.



Lockport-Matt Yaeger (GK), Jake Knowles, Chris Neylon, Zach Trent, Dave Hir, Dan Oldendorf, Chris Formosa

Stevenson-Robbie O'Brien (GK), Evan Woodward, Alex Shkiler, Chris Hodges, Mitchell Sokolsky, Kyle Plotsky, Hasan Khan




Lockport starts with it, but Formosa's 5m attempt is off-target

Yaeger denies Shkiler's 2m chance

Hir can't connect on the other end; Lockport's double-team on Shkiler at 2m works and they move to the offensive end

Neylon's lob attempt fro 5m goes off the bar and in and Lockport takes a 1-0 lead

Shkiler has the quick response for the Patriots, scoring from the right post at 2m

Hodges drives to the right side but has his shot tipped away from goal

Oldendorf scores immediately after a Stevenson ejection to make the score 2-1

Stevenson turnover; O'Brien makes a save on Formosa's attempt

Offensive foul on the Patriots; O'Brien denies Trent's 7m shot

Hodges earns a penalty on Yaeger, but Sokolsky misses to the right of the cage and the Porters still lead by one goal

Hir connects on his first goal to put Lockport ahead 3-1

Yaeger makes an easy save; Hir shoots wide of the goal from 5m

Dalloul draws an ejection, but his ensuing shot hits the crossbar and Lockport takes over

Khan blocks Hir's 5m attempt; Shkiler draws an ejection on Oldendorf...

...and then scores from 5m to cut the Porters lead to 3-2

Elias with a steal for Lockport to prevent a scoring chance

O'Brien makes a save and starts the Stevenson counterattack, but Woodward's shot attempt hits the crossbar

Hir hit the bar and the carom bounced off O'Brien but the ball stays out of the goal

O'Brien makes a save and nearly ties the score with a shot from his own end that Yaeger just tips away




Stevenson starts with it but Oldendorf earns a steal; Trent draws an ejection...

...but Formosa's 7m attempt is knocked down by O'Brien

The Porters force another turnover but they turn it over themselves at the other end

Yaeger saves a close-range shot by Plotsky

Breakaway attempt for Stevenson but Yaeger comes waaaaaaay out of the crease to make a huge steal

O'Brien and Shkiler both make blocks to prevent Lockport's next two chances

Double ejection on Woodward and Trent; Stevenson ball

Sokolsky's 9m attempt hits the post and Yaeger recovers as the teams return to full-strength

After an ejection, Yeager makes another save on Sokolsky's shot from the left side

Hodges with a steal and Stevenson with a breakaway chance, but they cannot convert and Lockport stays ahead by a goal

Khan tries a sweep attempt that doesn't have enough mustard on it to make it to the goal

Plotsky with a steal but his pass ahead is intercepted by Yaeger

Lockport's next attempt tips off the post and O'Brien collects the rebound

Lockport ejection; Stevenson timout

Sokolsky's shot is tipped out-of-play by Yaeger; Stevenson still with possession

Plotsky shoots over the goal and Lockport can hold for the last chance of the half

Sokolsky's shot attempt goes over the goal at the end of the second period




Delayed start to the second half, but we are back underway; Stevenson starts with it...

...Khan tries a lob from inside 5m that Yaeger collects

Hir scores from the left side and the Porters take a 4-2 lead

Neylon denies Shkiler from shooting from 2m

Stevenson with a stop and Yaeger makes another critical save on the other end for Lockport

Knowles feeds Trent and he connects from outside 7m from on top and it's 5-2!

Trent is ejected and Shkiler quickly scored to trim the lead to 5-3

The Porters misfire on one end, while Yaeger comes out of the crease to earn a key steal

Formosa draws a foul and tries a quick shot but Hodges make a strong block

Stevenson earns an ejection but they turn the ball over and Sokolsky is ejected

Lockport timeout

Formosa crosses a pass to the left to Hir, who crept closer to the left post and scored to the left corner!

Stevenson with another man-advantage and Shkiler scores his fourth to cut the lead to 6-4

O'Brien blocks Hir's outside shot attempt; Formosa with a steal on the other end

Oldendorf earns a steal and Sokolsky is ejected again

Lockport timeout

Formosa finds the right corner and Lockport takes a 7-4 lead

Hir and Schaak combine to force a Stevenson turnover

Neylon strips Skhiler just as he was about to take a shot from outside 2m

Hir misfires wide of the goal from 5m

Neylon with a block on Shkiler's 4m attempt

O'Brien gets the ball in the closing seconds and just misses from his own goal at the end of the period




Wow! Hodges makes a perimeter steal and passes ahead to himself...

...but Yaeger comes ridiculously far out of his net to make an important steal

Stevenson gets it back, however, and this time Hodges lobs over an aggressive Yaeger to make it 7-5

Lockport cannot convert their next chance; Oldendorf with a steal for the Porters

Formosa draws an ejection on Shkiler...but Khan with a field block to prevent a shot on goal

Oldendorf makes another steal; Schaak tries his luck from the left side but shoots wide-left

Formosa with a steal; Plotsky blocks Hir's 5m shot

Sokolsky is fouled and quickly shoots from outside 7m to cut the Lockport lead to one!

Khan forces a turnover; Stevenson turns it over on their next possession

Oldendorf draws a foul and connects from outside 5m to make it 8-6

Stevenson timeout

Offensive foul called on Shkiler and Lockport can start thinking about running the clock down

Hodges tries a shot from the left side but Yaeger just gets a hand on it to prevent a goal

O'Brien tips a shot by Oldendorf out-of-play but Lockport can run the clock down again

The Stevenson defense is all over the place and Neylon finds Oldendorf wide open driving towards the goal...

...and his third goal puts Lockport ahead of Stevenson 9-6 with under two minutes to play!

Stevenson timeout

Yaeger with a brilliant save! That means Lockport can kill another thirty seconds

Neylon blocks a shot by Hodges and Lockport takes over

Stevenson gets it back with :24 left to play

Neylon with another block on Hodges' attempt from 5m and Lockport will earn a historic win for their program!




Lockport - Hir 3, Oldendorf 3, Formosa, Neylon, Trent

Stevenson - Shkiler 4, Hodges, Sokolsky





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