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McAuley 9 Fenwick 8 (FINAL)

Live play-by-play


Quarter 1

The starting lineups are being introduced as Fenwick and McAuley play for the state championship in just a few minutes...

Ovalle wins the swimoff, Leary sets to Pavlik, but Fenwick turns the ball over on their first possession

Calderon with a steal; Cortez steals it back from Calderon, Ovalle steals the ball from Wood at 2m

Perez with a steal in Fenwick's end, Gonzalez passes from set to Perez on the right wing and she scores to put McAuley up 1-0 at the 5:12 mark

Leary shoots wide right on Fenwick's next chance

Kelly makes a save on Pavlik's shot from 2m

McCarthy knocks down a lob attempt by Chavez from the left side

Leary shoots over the net from 7m out; Barron misses wide right and McAuley sets up the offense

Wood draws an ejection, but Ovalle tips a shot by Gonzalez and McCarthy makes the save

After an ejection, Leary hits the crossbar and Kelly saves Bonk's lob attempt from the right wing

Wood fires over the goal from outside 7m as time expires as the end of the first quarter with McAuley leading 1-0



Quarter 2

Bonk draws an ejection on Fenwick's first possession but the Friars cannot get a shot off

Meghan Nolan drives down the middle but has the ball stolen

After an ejection, Ovalle's lob attempt from the left wing hits the post and Kelly pushes it away from the goalline

Wood scores from 7m out to put McAuley ahead 2-0, assisted by Perez

Leary delivers from the left wing off a pass from Calderon to cut the McAuley lead in half

Pavlik scores on a breakaway at the 3:26 mark, assisted by McCarthy, as McAuley calls a timeout

Gonzalez' sweep attempt is blocked by Calderon

Ovalle shoots over the net from 7m out

Leary and Ovalle force a turnover, then Ovalle misses to the left of the net with 0:50 left in the half

Perez gets the ball at 2m and misses, but Chavez puts the rebound in with 0:27 left to give McAuley a 3-2 lead at halftime



Quarter 3

Kelly denies Pavlik's outside shot attempt at the start of the period

Chavez scores at 2m, assisted by Wood, to give McAuley a 4-2 lead

Pavlik finds Calderon open on the left wing and she hits the back of the net to narrow the gap to 4-3 with 5:29 left in the third quarter

Perez responds with a goal from the left wing to make it 5-3

McCarthy makes a save on a shot by McShane and Fenwick sets up the counterattack

Calderon catches a pass from at 2m after a drive and scores to get Fenwick to within 5-4 at the 3:59 mark of the period

Pavlik draws an ejection at 2m but Barron pushes a shot from 2m wide of the goal

Bonk draws an ejection but Leary's pass goes out-of-bounds and Fenwick does not get a shot off

Nolan drives down the right side and scores from inside 4m to put McAuley ahead 6-4 with 1:38 left in the third period

Allison Borkovec gets open at 2m after an ejection and Ovalle finds her for the goal to make it 6-5

Wood shoots over the net with 0:52 left in the quarter

Pavlik scores from inside 4m with 0:16 left, assisted by Leary, and Fenwick ties the score

Perez draws a penalty shot with 0:08 left in the period; Wood hits the left corner of the net and puts McAuley ahead 7-6 at the end of the quarter



Quarter 4

Gonzalez forces a turnover; McCarthy saves a lob attempt by Cortez

Bonk drives with the ball down the left side and scores to even the score at 7-7 with 6:09 left to play

Cortez' lob hits the crossbar, but she causes a turnover on the other end and McAuley sets up the offense

At the 4:26 mark, there is a brief delay in the action with the score tied at 7-7

Kelly makes a save on a 2m shot by Calderon and McAuley takes a timeout with just under four minutes left to play

Perez drives but McCarthy maakes a save; Perez with a steal in the Fenwick end and she scores to make it 8-7 with 3:27 left

Pavlik scores from just inside 5m to even the score at 8-8 with 3:06 remaining

Barron hits the crossbar from the right wing with 2:24 left

Cortez lobs a shot off the post and in from the right side to give McAuley a 9-8 lead with 1:50 left to play

Bonk draws an ejection but Chavez makes a steal with 0:55 remaining; McAuley calls timeout with 0:46 left

Wood hits the post and McCarthy keeps it from crossing the goalline; Fenwick gets possession and calls timeout with 0:23 left

Bonk gets the ball on the right post at 4m and Chavez steals the ball from behind and McAuley runs out the clock

Mother McAuley wins the state championship 9-8 over Fenwick



Leading Scorers

McAuley - Laura Perez 3, Yuriria Chavez 2, Maggie Wood 2, Meghan Nolan 1, Lilly Cortez 1

Fenwick - Alison Pavlik 3, Lisett Calderon 2, Erin Leary 1, Allison Borkovec 1, Morgan Bonk 1