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Fenwick 16 Naperville North 4 (FINAL)

Live play-by-play


Quarter 1

Alex Buck misses on North's first possession of the game

Buck drawks an ejection but Barrett blocks his shot and Parolin starts the counterattack for Fenwick

Flessner makes a save as Parolin shoots from 2m

Baldwin forces a turnover but Bonk's shot attempt from 5m is deflected

Glynn draws an ejection but Daugherty makes a save on a 7m shot by Savino

Baldwin hits the post but Parolin draws an ejection in a scramble for the loose ball

Barrett finds Bonk on the left post for the first goal of the game at the 2:56 mark

Daugherty makes a save on a 2m shot by Buck

Flessner makes a save; Parolin with a steal on the other end; Flessner denies Baldwin on a breakaway chance at the 1:09 mark

After an ejection, Parolin scores a quick goal at 2m to make it 2-0 with 0:56 left in the first period

Tatara draws an ejection but Daugherty makes a save on Handley's outside shot

Baldwin finds Barrett driving to the far post and Barrett hits the left corner to make it 3-0 at the end of the first quarter



Quarter 2

Barrett's sweep shot attempt goes wide left; Parolin forces a turnover on the other end

Parolin draws an ejection, then scores from the right post, assisted by Barrett to make the score 4-0 at the 5:43 mark of the second quarter

Brian Barron draws an ejection but Glynn forces a turnover

Barrett looks across the pool and finds Barron open on the left wing for a goal; North takes a timeout trailing 5-0 midway through the second period

Buck scores from 5m out to get the Huskies on the board after the timeout

Daugherty makes a save after a Fenwick ejection

Barrett assists Bonk on a goal from the left post to make it 6-1 with 2:53 left in the half

Bonk and Barron team up to force a steal and Barron assists Bonk with a goal

Buck scores on a backhand from 2m out to make the score 7-2 at halftime



Quarter 3

Handley makes a steal on Fenwick's first possession; Buck lofts a shot wide of the net

Bonk hits the post but draws an ejection after getting the rebound; Flessner makes a save but Mackin draws another ejection

Barron scores to give the Friars an 8-2 advantage

Daugherty makes a save, then Flessner makes a save on Parolin's 2m shot

Handley misses wide left from 5m

Bonk gets his own rebound and scores inside of 2m to make it 9-2

Parolin draws a penalty shot and Baldwin scores to up the score to 10-2; North calls a timeout

Baldwin deflects a shot by Buck into the hands of Daugherty

Kimbrell makes a steal on the defensive end

Baldwin's makes a steal, Barron draws an ejection, and Parolin scores from 5m out off a pass from Barron to make it 11-2

Barron knocks away a shot attempt by Handley, but Buck forces a turnover on the other end

After a turnover, Daugherty looks ahead for Baldwin who then finds Bonk driving towards the net for a goal, 12-2 Fenwick

Kimbrell draws an ejection, Handley scores from 7m out to make the score 12-3

Barrett fires a shot through the hands of Flessner and in to make the score 13-3 at the end of the period



Quarter 4

Parolin has his shot blocked from 2m; Kimbrell's 2m shot comes up short of the net

Baldwin makes a field block on Handley's 7m shot

Jeremy Butz scores for North from the left side to make it 13-4

Baldwin scores at 2m, assisted by Barrett, to make it 14-4 with 4:06 remaining

Daugherty saves Buck's sweep shot

Wendt scores on a drive in to 2m, assisted by Bonk, Fenwick leads 15-4

Baldwin scores on a wide-open breakaway chance to make it 16-4

Fenwick takes a timeout with 2:10 remaining



Leading Scorers

Fenwick - Chris Bonk 5, Tom Parolin 3, John Barrett 3, Brian Barron 2, Luke Baldwin 2, Chris Wendt 1

Naperville North - Alex Buck 2, Conor Handley 1, Jeremy Butz 1