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Fenwick 24 Lincoln-Way East 7 (FINAL)

Live play-by-play


Quarter 1

Underway...LWE creates a turnover to prevent a scoring chance on Fenwick's first possession

Chris Wendt and John Barrett team up to force a turnover and Fenwick goes back on offense

Baldwin assists Barrett on a goal from the right post at 2m; Barrett hit the post first but got his rebound and went to the opposite corner for the goal

Wendt makes a steal, but LWE goalie Ryan Golden comes out of the net for a steal of his own and starts the Griffins' counterattack

Zach VanSwol's shot from 4m is deflected by Wendt and Fenwick gets possession

Chris Bonk makes the score 2-0 with a goal at the 5:36 mark

A delay in the action at the 5:27 mark sends both teams to their benches with Fenwick leading 2-0

After the break, Chris Wendt gets open on a breakaway and scores an easy goal to make the score 3-0

Barrett with a steal on the right side of the pool, swims down the length of the pool, then assists Wendt who was wide open in front for a goal

Baldwin fights for possession at 2m and scores to make the Fenwick lead 5-0

Baldwin makes a a field block, but Zach VanSwol gets the loose ball and scores from 5m out to get LWE on the board

McKernin passes from the left wing and gets the assist as Baldwin catches and fires into the right corner from the wing to make it 6-1 Fenwick

Parolin with a steal; on the counterattack Wendt assists Bonk who drives down the middle to make it 7-1 at the 2:52 mark

VanSwol hits the left post from 4m out, then Barrett scores on Fenwick's counter to increase the lead to 8-1

Kevin Kubik draws an ejection on Wendt, but VanSwol's chance is denied by Kegan Daugherty, who starts the Fenwick counter

Barrett assists Parolin on the other end and Fenwick leads 9-1 with 1:55 left in the opening quarter

Daugherty makes another save and starts the Fenwick attack, but the Griffins' prevent a shot as the shot clock expires

Zach VanSwol gets his second goal as the ball bounces up off the crossbar and in to make it 9-2 with 0:19 left in the period

Wendt finds Barrett open on the right post and he goes cross-cage to put Fenwick on top 10-2 at the end of the quarter



Quarter 2

Parolin tips in a shot from the right post, assisted by Wendt, as Fenwick goes ahead 11-2 at the start of the period

Baldwin takes the ball to the right corner and assists Bonk on a shot from in front of the net for a 12-2 lead

Baldwin draws an ejection, passes to Barrett on the right wing, and he hits Parolin at 2m for a goal and a 13-2 advantage

After a steal, Wendt goes down the right side and scores from 4m out

Wendt gets a steal and draws an ejection, but Barrett lobs a shot off the crossbar and Golden recovers the loose ball and draws a foul

Daugherty saves a shot by LWE's Trevor Acklin, then Golden makes a save on a shot by Wendt from the right wing at the other end

Wendt assists Parolin on a shot from 2m as Fenwick leads 15-2 with 2:52 left in the half

Barrett makes a steal and scores after a quick pass from Parolin from the right side to make it 16-2

Golden denies a shoring chance for Fenwick; Tim Lilja shoots wide left for LWE on the other end

Tom Grusecki assists Barrett on a shot from 4m out to make it 17-2 with 1:19 left in the second quarter

Zach VanSwol makes a steal and Kyler VanSwol scores on the other end from the left side to make it 17-3 late in the half

Brian Barron scores from the left post, assisted by Parolin, to make it 18-2 with 0:13 left until halftime

Golden's last-second shot goes over the net as Fenwick goes into halftime leading 18-2



Quarter 3

Parolin draws an ejection and Dan Barron scores from the left side to make it 19-2 Fenwick

Golden comes out of the net for a steal and starts the counterattack for LWE

Dan Barron gets a steal and assists Mike Mackin on a goal from the left wing for a 20-2 lead at the 4:58 mark of the third quarter

Barrett draws an ejection and assists Bonk on a goal from the right wing

Golden makes a save on Barrett in a one-on-one situation and Joe Tascone makes a steal for LWE

Nick Roberts scores from the right wing for the Griffins' to cut the lead to 21-4

Mackin adds his second goal in a man-up situation for the Friars, assisted by Dan Barron at the 2:17 mark

Karl Zoellick scores from 5m out for LWE to make the score 22-5

Grusecki scores from outside with 0:04 left in the third period to increase Fenwick's lead to 23-5



Quarter 4

LWE draws an ejection and calls timeout, but fails to score with the advantage as Fenwick counters

Mike Berkemeyer gets a steal on the defensive end for the Friars; Kubik hits the left post for LWE and Fenwick sets up the offense

Zach VanSwol draws an ejection and gets the assist on Mike Kingsbury's goal at the 4:17 mark

Kyler VanSwol draws an ejection but LWE cannot convert; Fenwick's

Brendan Toolan scores from outside 5m to make it 24-6

Zach VanSwol adds his third goal of the game with 2:14 remaining to make it 24-7

LWE calls a timeout with 1:13 remaining; Fenwick runs out the clock to advance to the semifinals with a 24-7 win



Leading Scorers

Fenwick - John Barrett 5, Tom Parolin 4, Chris Bonk 4, Chris Wendt 3, Luke Baldwin 2, Mike Mackin 2, Dan Barron, Brian Barron, Tom Grusecki, Brendan Toolan

LWE - Zach VanSwol 3, Kyler VanSwol, Nick Roberts, Karl Zoellick, Mike Kingsbury



State Tournament Blog, Day 2

Updated 5.18.07 - 2:00pm



Updated 5.18.07 - 8:00am

The state tournament blog will cover all of the action on Friday night from Stevenson High School. Starting with the 4:30pm game between Fenwick and Lincoln-Way East, this page will show live play-by-play for the current game in progress. Links will be provided for games that have already been played with play-by-play from all previous games on individual pages.


We have updated to broadband wireless this year, so the site should be updated more frequently than in previous years. As always, send any comments or questions directly to illpolo2007@yahoo.com and we will either try to respond right away or mention/add something in the blog. And just to let us know you are following along, please send any "shout outs" from wherever you are checking up on what is going on at the state tournament.



4:30pm Fenwick vs Lincoln-Way East

5:45pm Brother Rice vs Stevenson

7:00pm Naperville North vs Ignatius

8:15pm Loyola vs Conant