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2016 Girls' Season Preview         

By Aaron Brown

February 2016


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Stevenson claimed the state title in 2015 but will face a variety of challengers, as teams like St Ignatius, Fenwick, Naperville Central, New Trier and many others will be looking to make a run at the state championship.


Let's take a closer look at some of the top teams in the state of Illinois on the girls' side in 2016:


Head Coach: Jeff Wimer

Key Players: Allison Travetto, Claire Haas, Eileen Hoang, Fiona Gaffney, Tanya Shkiler

Players to Watch: Amelia Eastman, Brigitte Lefebvre

Goalkeeper: Lauren Burns

Final 2015 Ranking: 1st


First Contest: March 12 at Stevenson Tournament

Key Tournaments: Fenwick, Hudsonville, Stevenson x 3


2015 Verdict: The Patriots (34-0) went undefeated, won the BG Sectional and claimed their first IHSA State Title.


Head Coach: Mike Cashman

Key Players: Diana Fernandez, Nina Mantich, Rosie Scannell, Stephania Lopez, Tara White

Players to Watch: Brianna Gist, Danika Chavez, Emma Dolan

Goalkeeper: Jenny Stelnicki

Final 2015 Ranking: 2nd


First Contest: TBA

Key Tournaments: Fenwick, MCAC, Naperville Central, St Ignatius


2015 Verdict: The Wolfpack (25-2-1) won their own sectional and lost to the eventual state champions (Stevenson) in the state quarterfinal round.


Head Coach: Jack Wagner

Key Players: Catie Wallace, Eryn Kulik, Jillian Wickham, Kelly Frumkin, Molly McGuire, Shannon Forst

Players to Watch: Arianna Dakuras, Clare Durkin, Kate Mackie, Kelsey Sullivan, Maddie Nettleton

Goalkeeper: Anna Sullivan

Final 2015 Ranking: 3rd


First Contest: March 9 at Loyola

Key Tournaments: Fenwick, MCAC, Naperville North, Rockford, Stevenson


2015 Verdict: The Friars (21-7-1) secured a third-place trophy at the state tournament after holding off Oak Park by one goal to win their own sectional.


Head Coach: Jeff Plackett

Key Players: Alli Hansen, Angie Benton, Anne Marie Gunn, Emily Rodgers, Emily Westlove, Kaela Codo

Players to Watch: Abbey Rosenstiel, Caroline Aemmer, Jennifer Oliver, Sara Campbell

Goalkeeper: Faith Vandercar

Final 2015 Ranking: 7th


First Contest: March 10 at GBS

Key Tournaments: Jenison, Naperville North x 2, Naperville Central x 2, Stevenson


2015 Verdict: The Redhawks (23-11) beat Naperville North to win the Neuqua Valley Sectional and lost to Fenwick in the state quarterfinal round.


Head Coach: Matt Wendt

Key Players: Isabelle Riggio, Julia Green, Kami Grochowski, Lauren Barrett, Sarah Caywood

Players to Watch: Amanda Flannery, Elizabeth McKenna, Emma Valdiserri, Kyle Bertram

Goalkeeper: Lauren Engelhard

Final 2015 Ranking: 4th


First Contest: March 9 at GBN

Key Tournaments: CSL, Fenwick, Naperville Central, New Trier, St Ignatius


2015 Verdict: The Trevians (21-10) won the GBN Sectional and earned a runner-up finish at the state tournament last May, beating LWC and Lyons to get to the title game.


Head Coach: Beth Perez

Key Players: Addie Steward-Nolan, Ellie Kennedy-Wood, Genevieve Curry, Jilly Cronin, Kevan Casson

Players to Watch: Valerie Lundeen

Goalkeeper: Kaitlyn Peterson

Final 2015 Ranking: 5th


First Contest: March 10 at Waubonsie

Key Tournaments: Hudsonville, Mundelein, Naperville North, Northside, Oak Park, WSC, Young


2015 Verdict: The Huskies finished 29-3 and finished in second place at the Fenwick Sectional after losing a 6-5 heartbreaker to the hosts.


Head Coach: Andy McWhirter

Key Players: Alli Horn, Amber McClure, Caitlin Holzer, Danielle Pugh, Katie Horn, Olivia Eiken

Players to Watch: Hannah Wessel, Isabelle Rocco, Margaret Zega, Megan Phillips, Meredith Conway

Goalkeeper: Tina McBride

Final 2015 Ranking: 8th


First Contest: March 8 vs York

Key Tournaments: Fenwick, Naperville North x 4, York


2015 Verdict: The Huskies finished in second place at the Neuqua Valley Sectional after posting a highly impressive 29-4 mark last season.


Head Coach: Lauren Burel

Key Players: Annika Moore, Grace Wackerman, Kaysie Stuba, Megan Kotil, Olivia Land

Players to Watch: Elisa Jaramillo, Maddie Cordell

Goalkeeper: Maddie Janik

Final 2015 Ranking: 6th


First Contest: March 9 vs Mother McAuley

Key Tournaments: Fenwick, Stevenson, WSC, Young


2015 Verdict: Lyons (22-12-1) won their own sectional last season and finished the 2015 campaign with a fourth-place trophy after beating Conant in an overtime thriller in the state quarterfinal round.


Head Coach: Vanessa Carroll

Key Players: Annie Kelly, Claire Mueller, Julie Olivares, Maggie Hennigan, Molly O'Connell, Tess Bowens

Players to Watch: Devin Flaherty, Erin Breakey, Frances Bauer, Jill Mueller

Goalkeeper: Geena Peyton

Final 2015 Ranking: 14th


First Contest: March 7 vs Marian

Key Tournaments: Fenwick, MCAC, Naperville Central, Stevenson


2015 Verdict: The Mighty Macs (15-17) earned a runner-up finish at the Lyons Sectional last season after falling to the hosts in the sectional final by a 6-3 score.


Head Coach: Andy Miner

Key Players: Honore Collins, Lauren Hays, Maddie Schumm, Rebecca Schumm, Stephanie Sheikh

Players to Watch: Emily Mohrenweiser, Giselle Figueroa, Michelle Pacheco, Mira Ortegon, Riley Hughes

Goalkeeper: Olivia Everhart

Final 2015 Ranking: 11th


First Contest: March 8 at Maine West

Key Tournaments: CSL, Naperville Central, New Trier, Palatine, Young


2015 Verdict: The Wildkits (19-10-1) bowed out of the postseason in the sectional finals after losing a 4-1 defensive battle with St Ignatius.


Head Coach: Greg Svevo

Key Players: Clare Lawlor, Katie Shapiro, Mara O'Connor, Melanie Behrman, Val Navarro

Players to Watch: Melina Herman, Vaia Makris

Goalkeeper: Morgan Bartelment

Final 2015 Ranking: 9th


First Contest: March 12 at New Trier Tournament

Key Tournaments: Naperville Central, New Trier, Oak Park


2015 Verdict: Sandburg went undefeated in the SWSC and posted an impressive 27-3 overall record last season; their campaign ended with a 10-7 loss to Naperville Central in the sectional semifinals.


Head Coach: Lucy Tiffin

Key Players: Amy Blencowe, Catherine Caroll, Gabby Koopman, Heather Sterchele, Jonel Carroll

Key Players: Zoe $alafatino$

Players to Watch: Cassidy Angus, Emily Nelmark, Julia Stege

Goalkeeper: Issi French

Final 2015 Ranking: 13th


First Contest: March 8 vs Schaumburg

Key Tournaments: Naperville North x 2, Neuqua, Palatine, Stevenson


2015 Verdict: Neuqua Valley went 14-12 and secured a 6-5 victory over STC North in the sectional quarterfinals before being eliminated from the postseason by Naperville North in the semifinal round.


Head Coach: Kim Przekota

Key Players: Claire Voss, Emma Kyle, Ellie Murphy, Kristen Bagley, Mary Kohl, Siobhan Murphy

Players to Watch: Hannah Rapp, Mary Kate Sajnaj

Goalkeeper: Meg Dixon

Final 2015 Ranking: 18th


First Contest: March 9 vs Fenwick

Key Tournaments: Fenwick, Fremd, MCAC, St Ignatius


2015 Verdict: The Ramblers (13-13-1) earned a sectional semifinal overtime win over GBN before falling to New Trier in the sectional finals.


Head Coach: Todd Strein

Key Players: Brittany Lira, Elizabeth Minnich, Gretchen Behrens, Jillian Schultz, Leah Wood

Players to Watch: Ashley Siedschlag, Faith Alfredj

Goalkeeper: Kaitlyn Nowicki

Final 2015 Ranking: 16th


First Contest: March 9 at LWE

Key Tournaments: Bremen, Fremd, Metea, Oak Park, Stevenson


2015 Verdict: Bremen posted a 19-13-1 mark, beat Lincoln-Way East in the sectional semifinals, and lost a one-goal thriller to Lincoln-Way Central in the sectional finals at LWN.


Head Coach: Kendra Will

Key Players: Ailish Murphy, Caitlin Nelson, Cassidy DeGraff, Jess Larson, Julia Porco, Sarah Jackson

Players to Watch: Abigail Al-Muddaris, Emily Costella, Paige Ruffner, Reis Parkinson

Goalkeeper: Mia Sterchele

Final 2015 Ranking: 22nd


First Contest: March 8 vs Richards

Key Tournaments: Hinsdale Central, LWE, Naperville North, Oak Park


2015 Verdict: The Phoenix (19-9) finished atop the SWSC North standings and bowed out of last year's playoffs after a sectional quarterfinal round loss to Lincoln-Way West.


Head Coach: Karen Desruisseaux

Key Players: Cailey Davern, Erin Muellerschoen, Kenzie Applequist, Kim Bernhard, Nikki Howe

Players to Watch: Ava Zirgaitis, Sam Schletz

Goalkeeper: Erin Kay

Final 2015 Ranking: 15th


First Contest: March 10 at STC North

Key Tournaments: Fremd, LWE, Mundelein, Stevenson


2015 Verdict: Lincoln-Way Central went 17-11 and earned a sectional final win over Bremen to qualify for the state tournament. The Knights lost in the state quarterfinals to New Trier.


Head Coach: Nick Engel

Key Players: Brittany Veto, Katie Steele, Monica Guyett, Sarah Gibson

Players to Watch: Emmy Feddor, Hailey Norris

Goalkeeper: Claire Rich

Final 2015 Ranking: 17th


First Contest: March 7 vs Schaumburg

Key Tournaments: Fremd, Hinsdale Central, Palatine, STC North


2015 Verdict: The North Stars went 16-6-1 and bowed out of the postseason after a one-goal loss to Neuqua Valley in the sectional playoffs.


Head Coach: Ryan Lodes

Key Players: Abby Olivieri, Julie Esparza, Keara Flaherty, Nicole McCabe, Theresa DiGiovanni

Players to Watch: Caroline Heathcock, Claire Fries, Kylie Konstanty, Mia DeTella, Regan Sandberg

Goalkeeper: Claire Connors

Final 2015 Ranking: 23rd


First Contest: March 9 vs Bremen

Key Tournaments: GBN, Hinsdale Central, LWE, Palatine


2015 Verdict: Lincoln-Way East went 17-12 and earned a sectional quarterfinal win over H-F before falling to Bremen in the semifinal round.


Head Coach: Justin Bickus

Key Players: Claire Rosas, Keri Keppler, Nia Tsoulos, Paulina Chowaniec, Sam Wooley

Players to Watch: Aly Wooley, Amanda Skittone, Amy Rodriguez, Hannah Lukas

Goalkeeper: Cam Rosas

Final 2015 Ranking: 10th


First Contest: March 7 vs Maine East

Key Tournaments: Conant, Fremd, MSL, Palatine


2015 Verdict: The Cougars (28-4) won the Mid-Suburban League a with a perfect conference record, won the Schaumburg Sectional and lost a 16-13 thriller in overtime to Lyons in the state quarterfinals.


Head Coach: Mitch Tucker

Key Players: Ashley Helminski, Hannah Jozefat, Kristen Anderson, Mathilde Mogenson

Players to Watch: Kaley Mockus, Kelsey Hank, Megan Woell

Goalkeeper: Tess O'Brien

Final 2015 Ranking: 12th


First Contest: March 8 at Mundelein

Key Tournaments: GBS, Maine East, MSL, Palatine, Stevenson


2015 Verdict: The Pirates (25-7) earned postseason victories over Buffalo Grove and Wheeling before being knocked out of the playoffs by the eventual state champions (Stevenson) in the sectional finals.


Head Coach: Bob Savitt

Key Players: Adrienne Rozmus, Argelia Diaz, Jenna Pink, Julianna Isayeva, Paulina Stolarska

Players to Watch: Adrianna Passannante, Kate Godley

Goalkeeper: Elizabeth Wargo

Final 2015 Ranking: 20th


First Contest: March 9 vs Conant

Key Tournaments: MSL, Palatine, Stevenson


2015 Verdict: Wheeling (21-10) went undefeated in the MSL East, beat Libertyville in the sectional quarterfinals and were eliminated by Palatine in the sectional semifinals at Buffalo Grove.


Head Coach: Ray Roth

Key Players: Becca Rutkowski, Emily Kini, Karolina Urban, Paulina Pappas, Sarah Coombes

Players to Watch: Jessica Islas-Parker, Morgan Faulkner

Goalkeeper: Emma Jeronimus

Final 2015 Ranking: 21st


First Contest: March 9 at BG

Key Tournaments: Fremd x 3, Mundelein, MSL, Naperville North


2015 Verdict: Fremd (17-10-1) beat Meadows and Prospect in last year's sectional playoffs before being eliminated from the postseason by Conant in the sectional finals at Schaumburg.


Head Coach: Robin Walker

Key Players: Brinn Anderson, Caroline Vogel, Emily Callahan, Kendall Crispen, Patti Grod

Players to Watch: Madelyn Rowan, Roksana Zelkowski, Sabrina Baxamusa

Goalkeeper: Shari Markovitz

Final 2015 Ranking: 19th


First Contest: March 9 vs New Trier

Key Tournaments: CSL, GBN, Hersey


2015 Verdict: The Spartans (23-2) are fresh off a stellar campaign which included a sectional victory over Maine East and a heartbreaking overtime loss to Loyola in the semifinal round.

24. YORK

Head Coach: Mark Giuliani

Key Players: Carli York, Ellie Fitzpatrick, Grace Achepohl, Izzy Gil, Mary Phelps, Sabrina Stoddard

Players to Watch: Amalia Siavelis

Goalkeeper: Sarah Lewand

Final 2015 Ranking: 32nd


First Contest: March 8 at Naperville North

Key Tournaments: Naperville Central, WSC, York x 2


2015 Verdict: York (14-12) earned a sectional quarterfinal victory over Whitney Young before being knocked out of the postseason by Oak Park in the semifinal round at Fenwick.


Head Coach: Natalie Tucker

Key Players: Abby Younger, Ann Fulk, Faye Barry, Gianna Honcharuk, Gracie Dix

Players to Watch: Colleen Doyle, Mary Clare McAleer, Megan Pfeiffer

Goalkeeper: Lauren Broz

Final 2015 Ranking: 24th


First Contest: March 10 vs Schaumburg

Key Tournaments: Maine East, MSL, New Trier, Palatine


2015 Verdict: The Knights (14-10) got past Hersey in the sectional quarterfinals before bowing out of the sectional playoffs after a semifinal round loss to Fremd at the Schaumburg Sectional.




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