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  GBS Sectional

  2014 Sectional Playoffs - Girls


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Tuesday, May 13

Play-In Games

(9) GBS 8 (8) Maine West 5

Rema Abu-Hashim scored 3 goals and Diana Capota scored 2 times to lead the Titans to an 8-5 win over Maine West on Tuesday. South held onto the lead until early in the third period when the Warriors tied the score at 3-3, but Abu-Hashim's key goal before the end of the period gave the Titans a lead they would never relinquish. Dana Grad, Margaret Schneider, and Rachel Spector each added one goal in the win. Emily Morrison recorded 3 goals and Kristen Burger scored 2 times in the loss for the Warriors. Julia Huinker also stopped 14 shots in the losing effort.


Thursday, May 15


(1) Loyola 17 (9) GBS 4

Marta Considine totaled 7 goals and Claire Voss netted 6 scores in the Ramblers' 17-4 victory over GBS. Alana Dean, Emi Croghan, and Hannah Rapp each scored once and Colleen Ahern made 6 stops in the Loyola win. Carolyn Levi, Dana Grad, Rachel Spector, and Rema Abu-Hashim each tallied one score in the loss for the hosts.


(4) Maine East 4 (5) GBN 3

Medina Husejnovic recorded 3 goals and the Maine East defense put the clamps down on GBN to avenge last year's sectional loss with a 4-3 victory over the Spartans. Lindsay Fraser, Melaney Van Spankeren, and Patricia Doolan each scored once in the loss for North.


(2) New Trier 10 (7) Prospect 1

Lauren Barrett registered 4 scores to help the Trevians beat Prospect 10-1. Danielle McCallister scored the lone goal in the second half for the Knights.


(3) Maine South 8 (6) Hersey 5

Giles Molloy and Jenna Zitkus each scored 4 goals to help the Hawks fend off Hersey to advance to the sectional semifinals with an 8-5 win over Hersey. Katie Lindholm led the Huskies with 3 scores.


Friday, May 16


(1) Loyola 9 (4) Maine East 4

Marta Considine registered 4 scores and the Loyola defense totaled 18 steals in a 9-4 victory over Maine East on Friday. Julia Sajnaj added 2 scores, the trio of Claire Voss, Emily Barr, and Liz Kyle each scored once and Colleen Ahern made 10 saves for the Ramblers. Isabelle Trier made 22 saves to help keep the Blue Demons in the game.


(2) New Trier 12 (3) Maine South 0

Brittany Bishop scored 4 goals, Lauren Barrett totaled 3 scores, and Keelin Frank and Zoe Gottleib made 5 saves and earned a shutout as the Trevians downed Maine South 12-0. Jacqueline Glattard and Natalie Goldman each scored 2 times and Shannon Kent added a goal in the win for New Trier.







Saturday, May 17


(2) New Trier 7 (1) Loyola 6

Jacqueline Glattard and Stephanie Jodloman both scored 2 goals and trio of Kaleigh Dolan, Shannon Kent, and Natalie Goldman each scored once as the New Trier defense put the clamps down on Loyola in the second half to earn a 7-6 victory. The Trevians broke a 3-3 halftime tie with a 4-2 run in the third period, highlighted by Keelin Frank's penalty shot save and Glattard's 6-on-4 goal. Marta Considine got Loyola to within one late in the fourth quarter, but the Trevians' defense made two straight stops to secure the win. Considine and Emily Barr both scored 2 times in the loss for the Ramblers.






Isabelle Trier (Maine East)

Kerry Goodspeed (GBN)

Natalie Goldman (New Trier)

Lindsay Fraser (GBN)

Shannon Kent (New Trier)

Marta Considine (Loyola)

Natalie Curtis (Hersey)



Lauren Barrett (New Trier)

Claire Voss (Loyola)

Jacqueline Glattard (New Trier)

Kalin Bender (Maine South)

Emily Barr (Loyola)

Maria Protic (Maine East)

Giles Molloy (Maine South)



Mary Schiavone (Prospect)

Katie Lindholm (Hersey)

Rema Abu-Hashim (GBS)

Sandra Kietlinska (Maine East)

Liz Kyle (Loyola)

Maria Breen (New Trier)

Jill Hoffman (Hersey)





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