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  Week #1: Naperville North Tournament

  By Aaron Brown

  March 9, 2013


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Redhawks Emerge As Naperville's Best Once Again
Naperville Central held on to beat Naperville North 7-5 in the tournament opener and then found their groove in getting past Metea, Neuqua, and Waubonsie to win the Naperville Tournament on Saturday with a 4-0 record. Leslie Calabrese paced the Redhawks' scoring with 10 goals, while Erin Reagan recorded 8 goals and goalie Jessica Fox earned one shutout and allowed less than 4 goals per game. Naperville North finished the event in second place with a 3-1 record, Neuqua Valley finished third with a 2-2 mark, and Metea Valley and Waubonsie Valley tied 7-7 in their head-to-head matchup and both finished winless at the event.

Friday's Game Recaps

Naperville Central 7 Naperville North 5

Erin Reagan scored 4 times and Jenny Doyle and Kristina Altuve each added crucial fourth-quarter goals in the final two minutes to help Naperville Central seal a 7-5 victory over rival Naperville North on Friday. Madison Nervig also scored once and Altuve totaled 5 steals in the Redhawks' win. Katie Horn recorded 4 goals in the loss for the Huskies, who took a late 5-4 lead before a 3-0 run by Central ended the game.


Neuqua Valley 11 Metea Valley 6

Brooke Bedford and Devon Olson both scored 3 goals to lead Neuqua Valley to an 11-6 win over Metea Valley on Friday night. Deanna Hoff and Morgan Miller each tacked on 2 scores and Kaitlyn Gorski added a goal for the victorious Wildcats. Brittney Effner, Leah Hummel, and Teresa Anderson each scored 2 goals in the loss for the Mustangs.


Naperville Central 13 Waubonsie Valley 0

The Redhawks earned their second win of the night by shutting out Waubonsie Valley 13-0. Jessica Fox recorded a shutout in goal while Leslie Calabrese led Central with 5 goals and Michelle Spaits put in 4 goals in the victory.


Saturday's Game Recaps

Naperville North 11 Neuqua Valley 3

Caitlyn Holzer scored 4 goals and Katie Horn and Taylor Bridgman both added 2 scores in North's 11-3 triumph over Neuqua Valley. Brooke Bedford, Kaitlyn Gorski, and Lauren Harder each put in one goal in the loss for the Wildcats.


Metea Valley 7 Waubonsie Valley 7

Brittany Effner scored 3 goals for Metea Valley and Sam Holzschu tallied 5 scores for Waubonsie Valley as the teams finished in a 7-7 draw on Saturday morning.


Naperville Central 12 Neuqua Valley 6

Leslie Calabrese recorded 3 goals and Erin Reagan, Kristina Altuve, and Jenny Doyle each put in 2 goals as the Redhawks beat Neuqua Valley 12-6. Devon Olson scored 3 times and Brooke Bedford added 2 scores in the loss for the Wildcats.


Naperville North 14 Metea Valley 4

Katie Horn scored 4 times and both Caitlyn Holzer and Dani DiMatteo put in 3 scores as the Huskies downed Metea Valley 14-4. Kim Lechowicz also scored 2 times in the North victory. Amanda Lawless, Leah Hummel, Sarah Hamilton, and Teresa Anderson each scored one goal in the losing effort for Metea.


Neuqua Valley 15 Waubonsie Valley 4

Kaitlyn Gorski tallied 4 goals, Ann Kathrin Becker added 3 scores, and Brooke Bedford, Devon Olson, Morgan Miller, and Lauren Backe all put in 2 goals in the Wildcats' 15-4 win over Waubonsie Valley.


Naperville Central 10 Metea Valley 3

Madison Nervig registered 3 scores and Jenny Doyle, Leslie Calabrese, and Michelle Spaits each recorded 2 goals in Naperville Central's 10-3 victory over Metea Valley.


Naperville North 13  Waubonsie Valley 1

Dani DiMatteo scored 4 goals and both Lauren Horn and Taylor Bridgman slotted in 2 scores as the Huskies wrapped up second place at their own tournament by beating Waubonsie Valley 13-1. Haley Mulherin recorded the lone goal in the loss for the Warriors.


Event Standings

Naperville Central (4-0)

Naperville North (3-1)

Neuqua Valley (2-2)

Metea Valley (0-3-1)

Waubonsie Valley (0-3-1)


Top Scorers

Katie Horn (NN) - 13

Dani DiMatteo (NN) - 10

Leslie Calabrese (NC) - 10

Brooke Bedford (NV) - 9

Caitlyn Holzer (NN) - 9

Devon Olson (NV) - 8

Erin Reagan (NC) - 8

Kaitlyn Gorski (NV) - 7

Jenny Doyle (NC)- 6

Leah Hummel (MV) - 6

Madison Nervig (NC) - 6

Michelle Spaits (NC) - 6

Sam Holzschu (WV) - 6


Top Goalkeepers

Jessica Fox (NC) - 1 shutout, 4-0 record, 14 goals allowed








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