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Friday, May 22 | 4:30pm | Lincolnshire, IL


LYONS         vs         GBS



Boys State Quarterfinal #1

Box Score


1 2 3 4


 Lyons 6 2 3 3 14 Final 
 Glenbrook South 1 3 0 6 10  


 Lyons - Weigand (7), Bruton (4), Sekula (2), Swierczewski

 GBS - Hengels (4), DeLetto (2), Demertzis, Nimrod, O'Malley,


Starting Lineups


1-Spencer Ellison

2-Patrick Weigand

3-David Sekula

5-Peter Bruton

9-Joe Burke

10-Brendan Tully

15-Michael Shopiro

Glenbrook South

1-George Adamopoulos

3-Peter O'Malley

8-Tommy Nimrod

9-Zach Demertzis

10-Chris DeLetto

11-Peter Schneider

12-Ben Hengels


Live Commentary



The lineups are set, the teams are in the water, and we are underway with the first boys' quarterfinal of the night!

6'45 Tully with a steal on the opening possession for GBS. Adamopoulos makes a save on LT's first shot attempt.
6'10 Hengels forces a turnover; Demertzis rocks the left post with a shot from 5m.
5'36 Sekula draws a penalty shot and Weigand fires into the left corner to put the Lions on top!
5'12 Both teams misfire with shots over the net on their latest offensive sets.
4'14 Ellison earns his first save with a hard block on a close-range shot.
3'57 Bruton hits the post from outside but Weigand grabs the rebound and scores his second to make the score 2-0.
3'36 After an ejection, Hengels hits the left post and Weigand recovers the loose ball to prevent a second chance for GBS.
2'44 Nimrod gets GBS on the board with a skip shot from 5m.
2'36 Bruton scores from 7m as LT responds to the GBS goal.
2'09 Bruton gets open at 2m on the Lions' next possession and slots his shot into the left side of the goal and LT takes a 4-1 lead. Credit the assist to Weigand.
2'09 GBS timeout
1'15 Sekula deflects Will Porter's shot and LT counters; after a stop by GBS, Sekula makes a steal and draws an ejection and Bruton connects from the left side to increase the LT advantage to 5-1 late in the first period.
0'38 Weigand drives into set and Bruton finds him open; Weigand scores with a left-handed shot into the left corner to make it 6-1 Lyons.
0'03 GBS can't respond late in the period and Lyons owns a commanding 6-1 lead at the first break.


Lyons 6 Glenbrook South 1


7'00  Lyons will look to keep the pressure on in the second period, while GBS may need an early response to get back in the game.
5'33  After three straight possessions with no scoring, Weigand delivers his fourth goal of the game from 2m to make it 7-1.
5'13 DeLetto comes through from outside to get the second goal of the game for GBS.
4'45 Quick stop on the other end for GBS and Hengels scores from outside 7m and the lead is sliced to 7-3.
4'24 Weigand's fifth goal comes from outside 7m and LT takes an 8-3 lead.
3'15 Lyons draws an ejection and gets two shots on goal but Adamopoulos and the right post prevent another score.
2'45 GBS can't score on their next shot, while Sekula's outside shot goes wide right for Lyons.
1'54 Scoring chance for GBS after an ejection, but their shot attempt is deflected out-of-bounds and LT takes possession.
0'50 Porter assists Demertzis as GBS cuts the LT lead to 8-4 in the final minute of the half.
0'24 The defenses hold and we head to the halftime break with Lyons enjoying an 8-4 lead.


Lyons 8 Glenbrook South 4


7'00  Lyons will be looking for more of the same in the second half, while GBS looks to build upon their three-goal second quarter.
6'20 The defenses hold up for both sides in the first minute.
6'03 Ellison elevates to deny a 5m shot attempt by DeLetto.
5'31 Sekula turns his defender but his shot from near 2m is blocked out-of-bounds by Adamopoulos.
4'44 After an ejection, Weigand pump-fakes twice before drilling a shot into the right corner from the right side and Lyons goes ahead 9-4.
3'43 Weigand takes a pass on the left post and beats the goalie with a skip shot and LT has a 10-4 lead.
2'27 Burke finds Eddie Swierczewski open on the right wing and he puts his shot in the right side of the net as LT leads 11-4.
0'22 Adamopoulos makes two saves down near the end of the period, but Ellison has made his mark defensively for LT, coming out of the net twice in the quarter to prevent a scoring chance for Hengels.
----- The period ends with Lyons holding an 11-4 advantage.


Lyons 11 Glenbrook South 4


7'00  The last period begins with LT just seven minutes away from advancing to the state semifinals. Does GBS have anything left in the tank to make a comeback?
6'33  Sekula nets his first goal of the game on the Lions' first possession.
6'10 Ellison denies a hard shot by Hengels after an ejection; Adamopoulos makes a save on the other end for GBS.
5'47 Hengels connects from outside 5m to make it 12-5.
4'45 Demertzis draws a penalty after driving towards the net, and DeLetto converts the shot to the right corner for GBS.
4'30 Sekula has an answer for LT, scoring from 2m and giving Lyons a 13-6 lead midway through the final period.
4'12 Hengels turns his defender at 2m but gets double-teamed and his shot goes wide to the left.
3'59 Bruton scores from 2m for Lyons.
  GBS earns an ejection but Sekula makes a steal to prevent a shot on goal.
3'02 Adamopoulos with a save; GBS draws another ejection and O'Malley scores on a tough shot from the right side to slice the lead down to 14-7.
2'50 Nimrod hits the post from outside 7m in transition and LT recovers the loose ball.
1'40 Porter grabs a pass from DeLetto and rockets a shot into the net to make it 14-8.
1'27 Hengels scores on the GBS counterattack and it's 14-9.
1'02 Hengels scores after getting open at 2m and the lead is 14-10 with one minute to play!
1'02 GBS timeout
0'34 Lyons has the ball after the timeout and effectively burns their shot-clock as the end of regulation nears.
----- GBS cannot score in the final minute and LT runs out the clock to advance with a 14-10 victory.


Lyons 14 Glenbrook South 10




Lyons 14 GBS 10

Sandburg 14 McHenry 12

Fenwick 17 St Ignatius 2

Naper Central 16 Stevenson 4

Complete Scoreboard


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 1 Fenwick

 2 Naperville Central

 3 Oak Park

 4 Lyons

 5 Brother Rice

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 1 Fenwick

 2 St Ignatius

 3 Lyons

 4 Mother McAuley

 5 Naperville Central

 Top 25 Media Poll


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