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 Vernon Hills




Neuqua Valley All-Sectional Team


First Team

Conor Handley (Naperville North)

John Mikuzis (Neuqua Valley)

Tyler Kelley (Naperville Central)

Mark Menis (Naperville Central)

Bobby Rickert (Naperville Central)

Ben Reasons (Naperville Central)

Max Martin (Waubonsie Valley)


Second Team

Jim Zuponeck (Waubonsie Valley)

Brad Kay (Neuqua Valley)

Jackson Hill (Naperville North)

Mike Rooney (Neuqua Valley)

Mike Smith (Hinsdale Central)

John Kuhrt (Naperville North)

Henry Schmidt (Hinsdale South)


Honorable Mention

Max Saltzman (Naperville Central)

Blake Leonette (Hinsdale South)

Derek Hampton (STC North)

Brian Alden (Neuqua Valley)


Sectional Coach

Martin Bell (Neuqua Valley)





Wednesday, May 7


(1) Naperville Central 17 (8) STC East 1

Jack Howenstein scored 3 goals to lead Naperville Central to a 17-1 victory over STC East in the first game of the Neuqua Sectional. Shane Seuschek scored the lone goal for the Saints in the loss.

(4) Waubonsie Valley 14 (5) Hinsdale Central 6

Jim Zuponeck and Bryan Martina both scored 3 goals to lead Waubonsie Valley to a 14-6 victory over Hinsdale Central. Mike Smith recorded 3 scores in the loss for the Red Devils.

(2) Neuqua Valley 26 (7) STC North 2

Matt Bishop scored 4 goals to help Neuqua Valley defeat STC North 26-2. Derek Hampton scored both goals for the North Stars in the loss.

(3) Naperville North 15 (6) Hinsdale South 8

Conor Handley recorded 5 goals to lead Naperville North to a 15-8 victory over Hinsdale South. Blake Leonette led the Hornets with 3 goals in the loss.


Friday, May 9


(1) Naperville Central 13 (4) Waubonsie Valley 5

Mark Menis scored 5 goals, Max Saltzman added 4 scores, Bobby Rickert scored 2 goals, and Ben Reasons totaled one goal and 5 assists to help lift Naperville Central to a 13-7 victory over Waubonsie Valley. Jeff Sellers tallied 3 goals and Anthony Conti and Jim Zuponeck each scored 2 times in the loss for the Warriors.

(2) Neuqua Valley 19 (3) Naperville North 15

John Mikuzis scored 9 goals to lead Neuqua Valley to a 19-15 victory over Naperville North. Mike Lehman added 3 goals and Brian Alden scored 2 times in the win for the Wildcats. Conor Handley tallied 6 goals for the Huskies in the losing effort.


Saturday, May 10


(1) Naperville Central 9 (2) Neuqua Valley 8

Max Saltzman scored the game-winning goal with one minute remaining and Naperville Central held on to beat Neuqua Valley 9-8. Mark Menis and Ben Reasons each scored 3 times in the win for the Redhawks, while Mark Guiliani also added one score for NC. John Mikuzis scored 3 goals and Mike Rooney added 2 scores in the loss for the Wildcats.



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May 5-May 10


Monday (May 5)

Play-in games


Wednesday (May 7)



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Saturday (May 10)




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