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Stevenson 11 Barrington 4 (FINAL)

Live play-by-play


Quarter 1

Liz Stetson gets open on the left wing and scores on Barrington's second possession as the Fillies take a 1-0 lead

After a turnover, Barrington's Jacie Dick drove down the left side but hit the crossbar

Anna Kordek made a steal and Megan Pagano drew an ejection, but Barrington goalie Brooke Wojtowicz made a steal to keep the shutout intact

Jannelle Bartman denies Kristine Alfonso from 2m and Stevenson counters and draws an ejection, so the Patriots call their first timeout

Rachel Cliburn assists Pagano on a goal to tie the score at 1-1 with 2:35 left in the opening period

Kordek's lob shot from the right corner bounces in as the shot clock expires and the Patriots go ahead 2-1

Amy Michelau scores from the left side to give Stevenson a 3-1 lead



Quarter 2

Stetson gets the first scoring chance of the quarter for Barrington but shoots over the net

Kelly Lowry assists Michelau on a goal from the right side at 4m to make the score 4-1

Wojtowicz makes two saves in a row, but Rebecca Shopiro takes a pass at 2m and slams it in to give Stevenson a 5-1 lead with 5:18 left in the half

Michelau hits the post for Stevenson, then Christina Pappas and Liz Stetson both hit the post and just miss for the Fillies



Quarter 3

Shopiro starts the quarter off with a steal, but Stevenson cannot capitalize on the offensive end

Christine Byron draws a penalty shot, but Bartman makes a save on Jacie Dick's

Mary Novokhovski assists Cliburn on a breakaway goal to make the score 6-1 as Barrington calls timeout

Cliburn steals a pass and scores unassisted to put Stevenson ahead 7-1

Michelau scores at 2m and gives the Patriots an 8-1 lead at the 4:04 mark of the third quarter

Shopiro assists Michelau on a shot from 4m out to make it 9-1 in favor of Stevenson



Quarter 4

Pagano recovers a loose ball after the swim-off and assists Cliburn who drove down the middle of the pool and scored from 2m out

Christine Byron scores her first goal early in the quarter to cut the lead to 10-2

Bartman denies a shot by Byron with 4:54 remaining and Stevenson calls a timeout

Kordek adds a goal from 5m out on the right side with 4:15 remaining

Stetson responds with a shot into the left corner to make it 11-3 at the 4:08 mark

Stetson makes a steal but has her breakaway deflected by Bartman with 2:44 left to play

Pappas and Byron both hit the crossbar, the Bartman denies Byron's shot from 5m out

Jacie Dick hits on a shot from 7m with 1:51 remaining to make the score 11-4



Leading Scorers

Stevenson - Amy Michelau 4, Rachel Cliburn 3, Anna Kordek 2, Rebecca Shopiro 1, Megan Pagano 1

Barrington - Liz Stetson 2, Christine Byron 1, Jacie Dick 1



State Tournament Blog

Updated 5.17.07 - 2:00pm


The state tournament blog will cover all of the action from Thursday to Saturday from Stevenson High School. Starting with the 4:30pm game between Loyola and St Ignatius, this page will show live play-by-play for the current game in progress. Links will be provided for games that have already been played with play-by-play from all previous games on individual pages.


We have updated to broadband wireless this year, so the site should be updated more frequently than in previous years. As always, send any comments or questions directly to illpolo2007@yahoo.com and we will either try to respond right away or mention/add something in the blog. And just to let us know you are following along, please send any "shout outs" from wherever you are checking up on what is going on at the state tournament.



St Ignatius 11 Loyola 10 (FINAL - OT)

Fenwick 11 H-F 3 (FINAL)

McAuley 7 Neuqua 2 (FINAL)

Stevenson 11 Barrington 4 (FINAL)