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Chris Fetterman and Aaron Brown have long shared many of the same thoughts, watched many of the same shows and sports, and also been able to fairly argue their points without tensions boiling over (except for once when Chris dropped a popup in a softball game and we nearly squared off in the dugout later in the game).

Together, the duo will share their thoughts on a wide variety of topics, mainly centered on sports and entertainment yet stretching to discuss anything that comes to mind that deserves a rant, musing, or discussion. Just check the three categories below for the latest entries on The CNA Blog.


In addition, we have quickly added writers Dave Brown and Jamal Collier to our roster, while Julie Brown will provide editorial services for The CNA Blog.


Best of all, we provide a forum for future journalists to express their opinions. If you would like to have an article published, just send entries to illpolo2011@gmail.com and see if you have what it takes to make the cut.


Recent posts


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30 Years of Sports Celebration: Cubs and White Sox  <by Doug Ropp>

Rivera Brings Excitement To The Carolina Panthers  <by Doug Ropp>

Cubs Search For A New General Manager  <by Jamal Collier>

This Summer's NFL Lockout Was Actually A Good Thing  <by Jamal Collier>

Should The White Sox Be Taken Seriously?  <by Aaron Brown>

Time To Show Big Z The Door  <by Jamal Collier>

Why Chicago Has The Best Sports Fans In The World  <by Jamal Collier>

The Real Reason Why I Hate Chicago Sports Teams  <by Chris Fetterman>

Relegation Would Make American Sports More Interesting  <by Aaron Brown>

Jim Leyland Is The Problem In Detroit, Not The Solution  <by Chris Fetterman>

Aston Villa's Season Hinges On Positive Start  <by Aaron Brown>



The Secret Is Out With FX's New Hit 'Wilfred'  <by Chris Fetterman>

Cooking Shows Offer The Best In Reality Competition Television  <by Aaron Brown>

How The Simpsons Made Me Realize The Wire Is Better Than The Sopranos  <by Aaron Brown>

The APB TV Report: Volume I  <by Aaron Brown>

Workaholics...Hard Working Or Insanely Funny?  <by Dave Brown>

Ten Restaurants/Bars In Movies and TV I Want To Visit  <by Aaron Brown>

Rescue Me Shows Signs of Life With Best Performance Of The Season  <by Aaron Brown>


Everything Else:

Learning To Walk Run Again  <by Aaron Brown>

Times Are Tough...And They Still Are. F*** The Economy!  <by Dave Brown>

What Would You Choose For Your Last Meal?  <by Aaron Brown>

The Secret To Winning Money In Vegas  <by Aaron Brown>

How I Won A Free Rosati's Pizza  <by Aaron Brown>

Don't Mess With Bert & Ernie! <by Aaron Brown>

The Insane Goodness of Mike's Harder Mango Punch  <by Aaron Brown>

The Colorado Trip, Part II  <by Aaron Brown>

The Colorado Trip, Part I  <by Aaron Brown>







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