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Thursday, May 21 | 5:45pm | Lincolnshire, IL


     FENWICK        vs     IGNATIUS



Girls State Quarterfinal #2

Box Score


1 2 3 4


 Fenwick 1 6 4 0 11 Final 
 St Ignatius 0 1 1 1 3  


 Fenwick - Bonk (4), Calderon (3), Tynan (2), Carey, Ovalle

 Ignatius - Fernandez, Karpinski, Stelnicki

Starting Lineups


1-Mariclaire Bresnahan

2-Lisett Calderon

3-Stephanie Ovalle

4-Emma McKernin

5-Morgan Bonk

12-Colleen Carey

17-Katie Tynan


St Ignatius

1-Elise O'Malley

4-Tracy Karpinski

7-Lydia Ridgeway

8-Stephanie Fernandez

9-Katie Stelnicki

13-Celeste Almarez

15-Yvette Leon

Live Commentary


7'00  The starting lineups are in, the teams have entered the water, and we are underway in the second quarterfinal of the night!
6'00 Neither team can create a solid scoring chance in the first minute, as Bresnahan makes her first save on an outside shot from Ignatius.
5'39 O'Malley tips a shot over the net as Fenwick gets their first scoring chance.
5'20 Ridgeway's lob attempt from the right side is caught by Bresnahan, who earns her second save.
4'40 Ovalle draws an ejection, Karpinski makes a block on an outside shot attempt, Bonk fires from outside that is blocked by O'Malley but it falls to Carey on the left post and she puts the Friars ahead with a goal!
3'36 Karpinski earns a steal on the defensive end
3'04 Leon takes a lob shot from the left side as the shot clock expires but it falls to the right of the post and out of bounds.
2'30 Karpinski takes a shot from 5m but Bresnahan knocks it down with her left arm to keep Fenwick ahead by a goal.
1'20 Bresnahan makes her sixth save on an outside shot attempt by Ridgeway.
0'35 Bresnahan save #7; Fenwick's counter ends with Carey's outside shot tipped off the crossbar by O'Malley.
0'02 Leon fires from 7m out but Bresnahan has been the star early on for Fenwick, making her 8th save as the opening period comes to a close.


Fenwick 1 Ignatius 0


7'00  Ridgeway wins the swimoff but Bonk earns a steal for the Friars
6'20  Almarez with a steal; Ridgeway draws a foul at 2m but Almarez has her shot saved by Bresnahan
5'35 Save #10 by Bresnahan, who starts the Fenwick counter and assists Bonk on a goal in transition; 2-0 Fenwick
5'00 Ignatius draws an ejection but Ridgeway's shot attempt hits the crossbar and goes over the goal.
4'46 Tynan gets open on the right side and assists Ovalle on a goal following her drive to left post; 3-0 Fenwick.
4'31 Stelnicki puts the Wolfpack on the board with a goal after an ejection call; 3-1 Fenwick.
4'20 Bonk draws a kickout; her shot attempt is blocked by O'Malley but Fenwick retains possession. Bonk gets the ball back on the left side and her shot goes bar-in to make the score 4-1 in favor of the Friars.
3'26 Ovalle draws a penalty shot and Calderon's shot is good to the left side and Fenwick leads 5-1.
3'08 The unofficial save count for Bresnahan is now 12 as she collects an Ignatius shot and starts the Fenwick offense.
2'54 Bonk scores again from 5m to put Fenwick up 6-1.
2'21 Ignatius with an ejection; Bresnahan again with a save.
1'30 Bonk turns her defender on the right side, drives to the post with a defender on her back, then tips the ball to herself and lobs a shot into the far corner. Remarkable goal by the Fenwick senior!
0'36 Calderon's 2m shot from the right post hits the bar and the Wolfpack grab the loose ball
0'10 Ignatius draws a kickout in the final seconds of the half but cannot get a shot off before halftime.
----- That was quite an outburst by Fenwick in the second period. They scored 6 times in the quarter, with Bonk netting 4 of the goals, and used a 4-0 run from the 4'30 mark to take a commanding lead. Unofficial save count for Bresnahan is at 15 after one half of play.


Fenwick 7 Ignatius 1


5'30  Defensive start to the second half from both teams...
5'12  ...that is, until Calderon drives to the left post and finds the back of the net from close range to give Fenwick an 8-1 lead.
4'36 Almarez forces a turnover at 2m; Bresnahan skies out of the water to make a save and start a Fenwick breakaway.
4'20 Bresnhan passes ahead to a wide-open Tynan; her shot eludes a charging O'Malley and inches its' way past the goal-line, putting the Friars comfortably ahead 9-1.
3'40 Bresnhan save #18; Calderon draws an ejection on the counterattack and assists Tynan on an outside shot that finds the right corner for a goal.
2'50 Bresnahan assists Ovalle on a goal in transition.
2'24 O'Malley denies Bonk from 2m and clears the rebound
2'01 Fernandez notches her first goal from 2m to cut the lead to 11-2.
0'25 Bresnhan makes her 20th save at the end of the period as Fenwick leads 11-2 after three quarters.


Fenwick 11 Ignatius 2


6'00  Ignatius wins the swim-off but Ovalle earns a steal for Fenwick; her shot goes over the goal on the offensive end.
5'00  Calderon makes a steal; Loeffler's first shot attempt is saved by O'Malley.
3'48 Both teams trade possessions without a solid goal-scoring opportunity
3'17 Fenwick timeout
2'18 Karpinski gets open on the left side of the pool in transition and fires a shot past the Fenwick keeper to make the score 11-3 late in the game.
1'33 Bresnhan earns a steal before Fenwick calls their final timeout to sub for the rest of their starters.
1'14 O'Malley collects a shot that hits the post; Bresnahan earns her 23rd save of the game on the other end.
0'18 Stelnicki hits the crossbar from 7m out and Fenwick runs the clock out on an 11-3 victory in the second quarterfinal.
----- Excellent performance from Fenwick, as they withstood an early onslaught from the Wolfpack and pulled away in the second quarter with an offensive outburst. Bresnahan stood out with 23 total saves, while Bonk and Calderon combined for 7 goals in the win.
----- Fenwick will face Fremd in the first semifinal at 9:00am on Saturday morning!


Fenwick 11 Ignatius 3




Fremd 9 Lyons 8 (3 OT)

Fenwick 11 St Ignatius 3

Loyola 7 Stevenson 6

Naperville Central 15 LWE 7

Complete Scoreboard


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 1 Fenwick

 2 Naperville Central

 3 Oak Park

 4 Lyons

 5 Brother Rice

 Top 25 Media Poll



 1 Fenwick

 2 St Ignatius

 3 Lyons

 4 Mother McAuley

 5 Naperville Central

 Top 25 Media Poll


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