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Thursday, May 21 | 8:45pm | Lincolnshire, IL



Naperville Central       vs      Lincoln Way-East


Girls State Quarterfinal #4

Box Score


1 2 3 4


 Naperville Central 4 5 1 5 15 Final 
 Lincoln-Way East 0 2 3 2 7  


 NC - Nelson (6), Fleming (5), Davis, Kerth, Sejna, Wooten

 LWE - Toland (4), Cempel (2), Nowakowski

Starting Lineups

Naperville Central

1-Sam Virella

4-Tori Davis

6-Haley Nelson

7-Emily Wooten

10-Emily Sejna

14-Abbey Kerth

18-Claire Fleming


Lincoln-Way East

1-Maude Kingsbury

3-Cassie Brtis

4-Laura Cempel

9-Paige Baenen

10-Alyssa Toland

12-Kara Nowakowski

13-Katie Paul


Live Commentary


7'00  The late game has become the late, late game...with the opening swim-off set to take place at 8:55pm. The teams are in their respective huddles taking a last word of advice before the biggest game of their seasons. Here we go...
6'34 Toland takes the swim-off for LWE, but a perimeter steal by Haley Nelson leads to an unassisted goal on the other end as NC takes a quick 1-0 lead.
6'19 Toland fires over the goal on the next possession for LWE.
6'02 Sejna breaks free down the right side and drives to the goal but Kingsbury is out to make a fine save and prevent a two- goal deficit for the Griffins.
5'24 Nelson with her second steal and NC counters; Cempel forces a turnover on the other end for LWE.
4'41 Nelson misfires from 5m and LWE sets up their offense.
4'20 NC gets a breakaway chance but cannot convert.
3'39 Wooten scores after an ejection, assisted by Sejna, and NC claims a 2-0 advantage.
3'05 Paul draws an ejection for LWE; Virella tips a shot off the crossbar and recovers the loose ball to keep the Griffins scoreless.
2'25 Virella makes a big save and fights with Toland for a loose ball into the corner. LWE retains possession, Toland gets a crack at the NC goal, but Virella denies her attempt.
1'40 Wooten scores from 7m on top as the final minute of the first period approaches.
0'50 Kingsbury stuffs a shot and starts the transition for LWE, but Virella makes a save on the other end.
0'04 Davis gets open on the NC counterattack and takes a pass from Nelson and scores at the end of the period to give Naperville Central a 4-0 lead.


Naperville Central 4 Lincoln-Way East 0


7'00  Bright start so far for the Redhawks, while the Griffins will be looking for a few more scoring chances in the second period.
6'40  Fleming hits the crossbar on NC's first attempt of the period.
6'00 Kingsbury makes two key saves on the Redhawks' next scoring chance from close range.
5'44 The pressure from NC is relentless on the offensive end, as a scrap for a loose ball ends up in the hands of a wide-open Fleming at 4m, and she puts her first goal on the board early in the second quarter.
5'14 Toland puts the Griffins in the scoring column with a goal from inside 5m; 5-1 Central.
5'03 Fleming responds for the Redhawks with a goal.
4'47 The offense is flowing now, as Nowakowski scores on the other end for LWE; 6-2 lead for NC.
4'26 East with another scoring chance, but Virella gets up to make a save and Central calls a timeout.
4'26 Naperville Central timeout
4'03 After the timeout, Nelson scores from 5m to make it 7-2.
3'44 Brittany Bevcar draws an ejection for LWE, but the Redhawks get a stop on the defensive end.
2'30 Kerth draws a penalty shot for NC, and Nelson nets her third goal of the game.
1'31 Kerth scores from just outside 2m and the Redhawks own a 9-2 lead late in the first half.
1'31 Lincoln-Way East timeout
0'00 Neither team can score in the final minute of the period, so Central heads to the break with a comfortable 9-2 lead over Lincoln-Way East.


Naperville Central 9 Lincoln-Way East 2


7'00  How will Lincoln-Way East respond? Can they get anything going early in the second half to give them a boost?
6'20  Paul with a steal on the defensive end for LWE; the NC defense holds on the other end.
5'15 Breakaway chance for Central; Fleming hits the post, fights for the loose ball, then scores from the right side to make it 10-2.
3'26 Numbers on the counterattack for LWE; Paul assists Cempel who was left alone down the left side and the Griffins cut the lead to 10-3.
3'00 Paul launches a shot from outside 7m that hits the crossbar, but Toland follows up and knocks the ball into the net to make the score 10-4.
2'00 Virella comes out of to deny an entry pass at 2m, but Cempel recovers a loose ball and lofts a shot over the goalie's head and into the net and a brilliant 3-0 run by East has them back in this game late in the third period!!!
1'57 Naperville Central timeout
1'50 NC turnover; East gets an open look for Toland but Virella makes a crucial save to stem the tide momentarily. Another goal there and East would have all the momentum.
1'00 Oooh...almost from Nowakowski, whose left-handed lob attempt floated just over the goal.
0'43 Another defensive stand from the Griffins; Paul drives and shoots from the right side but has no angle and Virella makes the save.
0'03 East draws an ejection as the period comes to a close.
----- Solid effort there from LWE. They still have a mountain to climb to make up five goals in seven minutes, but the momentum and energy is clearly on their side as the teams head to the final quarter.


Naperville Central 10 Lincoln-Way East 5


6'45  LWE has the advantage after winning the swim-off to start the final period, but Virella blocks a shot and another attempt by the Griffins hits the crossbar.
6'21  Kingsbury stretches to make a save as Central retains possession.
6'05 Fleming has a response for the Redhawks, taking a pass from Wooten and notching her fourth goal of the game.
5'46 Quick turnaround on the defensive end and Nelson converts for a transition goal and a 12-5 Central lead.
5'27 Toland answers for East as her shot squeeks in after hitting the post and the goalie; 12-6 lead for NC.
4'10 The teams trade possessions now as the clock winds down on the fourth quarter.
3'50 Davis finds Fleming cutting to the goal and the junior hits the back of the net to earn her fifth goal of the game.
3'28 Virella blocks an outside shot attempt by Toland.
3'04 An ejection leads to a goal by Nelson, assisted by Sejna as NC has taken command of the game.
2'45 Fine save by Kingsbury on a close-range shot by Davis.
2'00 Virella with a save on Toland's shot from 7m.
1'32 Wooten draws an ejection and Nelson tallies her sixth goal to make the score 15-6.
0'45 Toland adds her team-leading fourth goal in the final minute.
0'29 Kingsbury makes a save and starts the counter for East; Cempel's lob hits the crossbar and Virella makes one final save as Central has advanced to the state semifinals with a 15-7 victory over Lincoln-Way East!


Naperville Central 15 Lincoln-Way East 7




Fremd 9 Lyons 8 (3 OT)

Fenwick 11 St Ignatius 3

Loyola 7 Stevenson 6

Naperville Central 15 LWE 7

Complete Scoreboard


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 1 Fenwick

 2 Naperville Central

 3 Oak Park

 4 Lyons

 5 Brother Rice

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 1 Fenwick

 2 St Ignatius

 3 Lyons

 4 Mother McAuley

 5 Naperville Central

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