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Saturday, May 23 | 3:30pm | Lincolnshire, IL



                       Loyola          vs         Fremd


Girls Consolation Game

Box Score


1 2 3 4


 Loyola 0 4 3 2 9 Final 
 Fremd 2 2 5 1 10  


 Loyola - O'Connor (5), Gross (2), Letrich, Nieman

 Fremd - Lauraitis (6), French (3), D'Andrea

Starting Lineups


1-Kathleen Servatius

3-Ashley Letrich

10-Maeve O'Connor

11-Nicole Pinelli

12-Caitlin Sershon

14-Olivia Le Compte

19-Erin Dowdle



1-Kelli DiCanio

3-Kristina D'Andrea

8-Katie French

10-Allison McCarthy

12-Katie DeFillipo

14-Erika Lauraitis

16-Danielle Chemello


Live Commentary


-----  We're back live at Stevenson High School and Loyola and Fremd will face off for a third place finish in the state of IL! The teams are lined up for player intros, we'll have the National Anthem, and then we'll be ready to go...
6'43 Servatius makes a save on Fremd's first possession.
6'00 French puts Fremd on top with an early score.
5'44 O'Connor draws a penalty but cannot convert on the shot and Fremd retains their one goal lead.
5'01 Lauraitis with a steal at 2m; French drives into set and draws an ejection. Servatius tips a shot by Chemello over the goal and makes a save on a lob attempt by French.
4'34 Letrich hits the right post and the ball clatters along the line but DiCanio retrieves it before it counts.
3'31 DiCanio makes a save; McCarthy comes clear at 2m but Servatius denies her shot attempt.
3'00 Loyola gets an advantage but Sershon's attempt from the wing is too far wide.
2'52 Lauraitis scores at 2m and Fremd goes up 2-0!
1'58 DeFillipo makes a steal on Loyola's counterattack but Fremd can't convert on the other end.
1'50 Fremd has all the energy early on and a 2-0 lead to show for it.
1'24 DeFillipo has made three consecutive steals on the defensive end for the Vikings.
1'11 Lauraitis makes a clever move along the left side but hits the post and Servatius clears.
0'45 DiCanio denies Sershon from the left wing and Fremd counters.
0'34 Le Compte fires from distance but hits the crossbar.
0'10 Lauraitis forces a miss from Pinelli at the end of the period.


Fremd 2 Loyola 0


----- Fremd has all the energy early on and a 2-0 lead to show for it.
6'20  Lauraitis draws an ejection but Fremd can't score to start the period.
5'10 Lauraitis gets open in transition and scores from outside 2m to put the Vikings ahead 3-0.
4'40 Loyola gets an ejection and finally break into the scoring column as sub Rachel Nieman scores from inside 5m.
4'15 Fremd has a chance from outside that hits the crossbar, D'Andrea picks up the rebound and hits the right post, then collects her second rebound and DOES score to make it 4-0.
3'50 O'Connor has an answer for the Ramblers, cutting the Fremd lead to 4-2 midway through the second frame.
  Servatius makes a save to calm things down for the moment...
2'10 ...but Lauraitis makes a steal on the perimeter, drives to 2m and draws a foul, gets to the right post and tips a pass from Orlowski into the right corner and the Vikings have a three goal lead!
1'30 Sarah Gross fires from 7m and scores to get Loyola within two scores.
1'00 Megan Kennedy gets an open look but hits the crossbar from the right side.
0'35 O'Connor gets a pass to set, switches the ball from her right to left hand, and slots it into the left side of the goal and it's down to a 5-4 lead for Fremd.
0'05 O'Connor turns her defender at 2m but Kennedy gets a steal to keep Fremd ahead at halftime.


Fremd 5 Loyola 4


-----  Things got a bit more interesting in the late stages of the first half, as Loyola responded after going down 4-0 with a 4-1 run. It's anyone's game at this point as we begin the second half.
5'55  Servatius makes a save on Fremd's first possession; nothing comes out of Loyola's trip down the pool and it remains a one-goal lead for the Vikings.
5'37 Officials timeout
5'13 Lauraitis scores on one end for the Vikings, but O'Connor answers right back for the Ramblers and it's 6-5.
3'45 Fremd draws a kickout after three scoreless possessions and Fremd takes a timeout.
3'45 Fremd timeout
3'24 French scores from 5m out after the timeout and the Vikings lead grows to 7-5.
3'00 DiCanio with a save on Pinelli's lob attempt.
2'24 Lauraitis with a backhand as the shot clock expires!
2'02 In transition, McCarthy feeds a wide-open French at 2m and her goal puts Fremd up 9-5!
2'02 Loyola timeout
1'45 The Ramblers could use a goal to stem the tide but Pinelli's effort hits the crossbar.
1'22 Fremd turnover; Loyola's next shot hits the post, bounces to the goalline and will not go in!
0'31 O'Connor gets the goal Loyola desperately needed from 5m and it's 9-6 late in the third period.
0'00 Servatius with a save; Nieman draws an ejection, and Letrich fires a shot that hits the post and this time goes in as the horn sounds and it's a HUGE GOAL for the Ramblers as the lead shrinks to 9-7.


Fremd 9 Loyola 7


...  Fremd nearly ran away with the game in the first part of the third quarter, but the two goals in the final minute by O'Connor and Letrich have made things quite interesting.
6'40  A steal by D'Andrea halts the momentum that Loyola earned heading to the final period.
6'10 O'Connor scores from 5m and it's down to a one-goal lead.
5'40 Lauraitis draws an ejection, Nieman makes a field block, Servatius with a save and it's a breakaway chance for O'Connor AND DICANIO STONEWALLS HER FROM CLOSE RANGE TO KEEP FREMD ON TOP!
5'00 Double ejection as Loyola has position, then Ansani draws another ejection and it's a rare 5-on-4 chance for Loyola but DiCanio makes another save.
4'20 Lauraitis hits the crossbar and Loyola grabs possession.
3'50 Gross is left alone to walk in from the right wing and her shot just beats the keeper and the game is tied!
3'50 Fremd timeout
3'24 Servatius tips a shot over the goal; Lauraitis with it on the right wing and she inches her shot past the Loyola goalie and Fremd reclaims the lead!
2'55 DiCanio makes a key save and gets the ball out of harm's way as two Loyola players rushed the keeper.
2'25 Lauraitis makes a steal and Fremd goes the other way; Servatius is out of the crease for a steal.
2'00 DeFillipo grabs a loose ball but Fremd turns it over.
1'42 DiCanio comes out of the goal to stop the Loyola counter attempt.
1'22 French shoots over the net as the shot clock expires, then makes a steal on the other end.
0'39 Fremd turns the ball over and Loyola will set up a play.
0'39 Loyola timeout
0'22 O'Connor draws an ejection but DiCanio with a BRILLIANT SAVE to keep the Vikings up by one.
----- Fremd runs the clock out and wins the consolation game over Loyola 10-9!


Fremd 10 Loyola 9




Fremd 9 Lyons 8 (3 OT)

Fenwick 11 St Ignatius 3

Loyola 7 Stevenson 6

Naperville Central 15 LWE 7



Fenwick 9 Fremd 3

Naper Central 10 Loyola 5

Fremd 10 Loyola 9

Fenwick 15 Naperville Central 5

Complete Scoreboard


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 1 Fenwick

 2 Naperville Central

 3 Oak Park

 4 Lyons

 5 Brother Rice

 Top 25 Media Poll



 1 Fenwick

 2 St Ignatius

 3 Lyons

 4 Mother McAuley

 5 Naperville Central

 Top 25 Media Poll


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