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Stevenson 21 Whitney Young 2

Q1: Eleanor Michaud, Lauren Maloney and Shreya Sreedhar each scored 2 goals while both Anna Gates and Maddy O'Donnell scored once as the Patriots jumped out to a 8-0 lead over Whitney Young at the end of the first quarter.


Q2: Kalista Tapas and Maloney both scored twice in the second quarter to help the Patriots extend their lead to 15-0 at the half.


Q3: Natalia Perez scored the opening goal of the contest for the Dolphins, but the hosts tacked on three more scores to take an 18-1 lead into the final period.


Q4: Lena Bruursema scored the first goal of the period for the Dolphins, but the Stevenson trio of Elizabeth White, Tapas and Maloney each scored once to close things out on the Patriots' 21-2 victory over Whitney Young.




Mother McAuley 9 Fenwick 8

Q1: Maddie Schultz scored early in Q1 for McAuley, but Kassy Rodriguez and Paulina Correa both scored to put Fenwick ahead 2-1 after Q1.


Q2: Correa put Fenwick ahead 3-1 early in Q2, but two goals by Schultz and a goal by Becky Schofield gives McAuley a 4-3 lead at halftime.


Q3: Chloe Ryan scored twice and Schultz added a goal as Mother McAuley leads Fenwick 7-4 heading to the fourth quarter. Correa scored once in Q3 for the Friars.


Q4: Fenwick cut the lead to 8-7 midway through Q4, but Brigid Barkmeier's rebound goal with 3:13 left gave McAuley a 9-7 lead. Fenwick ball, 2:39 left, timeout. Correa scored with 1:02 left to cut the McAuley lead to 9-8! McAuley gets the ball after a turnover and calls timeout with :49 left. Maura O'Grady makes a huge save for McAuley with :23 left. Fenwick gets the ball back with :03 left and calls timeout with a chance to tie the game. Correa got a shot off at the buzzer from 5m and hits the post! Mother McAuley holds on to beat Fenwick 9-8 to advance to Saturday's semifinal round.




Naperville North 16 LWC 5

Q1: Anna Tarantino, Lainey Eckholm, Mary Crossette and Taylor Wessel each scored in the first period to help the Huskies take an early 4-1 lead over the Knights. Madi Jager scored once in the quarter for LWC.


Q2: NN jumped out to a 5-1 lead over LWC in the first half, but goals by Jager and Jackie McGuire have cut the Huskies lead to 6-3 at halftime. Wessel and Eckholm each with two scores in the first half.


Q3: Tarantino scored 3 goals in the third period and Eckholm added a score as the Huskies increased their lead to 10-4 by the end of the third period. Anna Bethke scored once in the quarter for the Knights.


Q4: The Huskies went on a 6-2 run in the final period to seal a 16-6 victory over LWC.




New Trier 8 Conant 3

Q1/Q2: Emily McKenzie (NT) scored the game's first goal midway through the second period,  but Abigail Hanley (CHS) scored the equalizer before halftime as Conant and New Trier are tied at 1-1 with the second half on deck.


Q3: McKenzie gave New Trier a 2-1 lead with her second goal of the contest and Leah Caywood added 2 straight goals to give the Trevians a 4-1 advantage midway through the third quarter. The Trevians added another goal late in the period to lead 5-1 with seven minutes remaining.


Q4: The Trevians scored twice early in the fourth quarter, but Sydney Arnold responded with two straight scores to make the score 7-3 with just under four minutes left to play. Emma Wendt responded with a goal and Maddie Beacom made a save from point-blank range and the Trevians ran out the clock to secure an 8-3 win over Conant.









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